September 15, 2018


 Ceremonies for Retreats, Groups, or Families,

What is Ceremony?

Ceremony is the gateway to your soul.

In Ceremony we connect and manifest higher wisdom and knowledge.

We heal unresolved “triggers,” pains and burdens.

We remember who we are on a cellular level, and connect heart-to-heart.

We activate and communicate with nature, the land, the animals, and all of existence to find wholeness, balance, and harmony in our lives.

We sit in ceremony to remember who we are, where we are going, and what we came here for.

Ceremony is where the Spiritual meets the Material. 


Wholeness is achieved

There are many great “vortex” or power spots in Sedona and the South West.

These are activation spaces. Places that run along the “bloodlines” of Mother Earth, and supply us with surges of energy.

Each space has significance and represents different parts of our human life.

Each ceremony is different, and each group will require different energies.

Each ceremony is done at specific locations at sacred times.

These are the times we do ceremony:



*New Moon

*Full Moon

*Fall  & Spring Equinox

*Summer & Winter Solstice

The Basic structure of ceremony:

*Calling & honoring the 4 directions

*Smudging and clearing of old energies

*Wisdom Teaching & Intuitive Message

*Sharing of Intentions

*Drumming, Singing, Chanting


Sunrise and Sunset Ceremonies:

2 or 4 Hour  Sunrise or Sunset Ceremonies:

 These ceremonies are focused on one area of your life.  

We work on transforming pain to joy. 

Click here for monthly New Moon & Full moon ceremonies:

These are the 4 “power spots,” or “vortex” ceremonies to choose from in Sedona:

Change your life in Sedona!

Bell Rock & Courthouse Butte–Fire

Energies: Root &-Solar Plexus Chakras

*Balance of Giving and Receiving


*Life purpose,



*Grounding into your body

*Passion & Joy

 Abundance-Air, and Imagination

Abundance ceremony to open the pathways to abundance, new ideas, creativity, and prosperity.

We will focus on:

*Life purpose,

*Financial security

*Stability and Owning your power

These are ideal to grow your house of finances, and taking your personal “legacy” to the next level.

Cathedral Rock- Water

Energies: Heart & Sacral Chakras



*Heart Healing & Heart Opening,

 *Relationships, and friendships.

*Romance and New Partnerships


Love, Water, and Flow

 Water Ceremony to open, heal, and align your heart.

*Create harmonious relationships

* Open the heart to more Romance

*Healing old wounds and traumas from relationships

*Balancing the “waters” within, and clearing emotions

Ideal for those who are opening to deeper love for themselves and others

Boynton Canyon-Earth

Energies: Crown Chakra

*Ancient wisdom,


*Fun & Play,

*Power and Source,

*Original creations stories,

Harmony, Wholeness, and Walking in Beauty- Teachings of the Earth

These ceremonies are focused on ancient wisdom from this land. Come and meet the guardians, keepers, and spiritual energies that are now known as “Sedona.” These are the authentic teachings from this land.

For this ceremony, we will focus on one core teaching to assist you on your path of beauty.

The “beauty way” is a Dine (Navajo) tradition of ceremony, and re-birthing to a new life. When one enters into the “beauty way”, they emerge a totally new person. This is a smaller version of a bigger ceremony.

Airport Mesa- North-Air

Energies: Throat & Third Eye

*Ancient Ancestral Power


*Spiritual Power

*Astral Travel


Spiritual Insight-Activation, and Ancient Memories:

Are you ready to open your spiritual and psychic centers?

This is the place where we connect to the ancient “star beings” aka “star relatives.”

Sedona is an ancient portal or gateway to the galactic superhighway aka “milky way.”

Come open the door to the stars, and connect to your ancestors, the truth within, and your intuition

Each ceremony contains:  

Intuitive messages,

Ancient wisdom,


Deep Healing



Sound Alchemy with Drumming & Song 

The use of sacred herbs, crystals, sound healing, and energy work are also incorporated.

 Fire Ceremonies

Ignite your Ancient Power

  These are deeper ceremonies that are done at sunset by the fire.

Are you ready to transform, shed, and renew your mind, body, and spirit?

Stories by the fire:

These ceremonies focus on ancient teachings to transform, heal, and align you to your soul.

Beyond the spirit, we will go into the ancient core of who you are to awaken your truth.

This is a ceremony to awaken your cellular memories.

Using the power of the drum with fire, we will travel into other “dimensions,” and “spiritual gateways,” to unlock hidden gifts and talents.

This ceremony focuses on awakening the “master within.” 

The intuitive guide within you who knows the “master plan.”

Great for Spiritual Retreats

Family Healing:

Bring your children, parents, grand-parents, and let’s sit in ceremony.

This is a ceremony for all ages and all ranges.

We will focus on the dynamics of the family, and group manifestation.

This ceremony will focus on clearing ancient lineages, and the generational patterns that cause pain and suffering,

Group Transformation

*Bring your friends, family, and/or kids, for a 4-hour fire or land ceremony where we will:

*Sit in the sacred way and co-create harmony, balance, and beauty for all in the group.

*Focus on a specific theme, teaching, or message for each person in the group.

*Customize your ceremony from the above “vortex” themes and go deeper using the power of the fire.

Want deeper work?

Private Retreats, Tours, and Arrangements can be made to visit:

*The Hopi Land

*Mesa Verde

*4 Corners

*Pagosa Springs

*Navajo Nation

*Other Sacred Ruins in the 4 corners or places in the world,

Depending on your time, budget, and intentions, Spiritual retreats, vision quest and other offerings are available.


3 hour Daytime Ceremony in Sedona

1-2 People is $333 donation

3+ people is $111 per person donation

$55 for children 6-12 years old donation

4-6 Hour Fire Ceremony in Sedona

Must have a group of 2-22 people

1-2 Person/Couple is $444 donation

2+ is $222 per person donation

If your group is larger than 12 please e-mail: to arrange


Ignite a fire at your home. Bring in the ancestral energies and light the fires of passion, joy, healing, transformation, and purification.

Great for home blessings, igniting new energy, and bringing great blessings into your life.

Invite your friends and family and reconnect with the ancient ways within your bones.

These ceremonies are deep and transformative, we go deep into the essence of who you are.

After ceremony life transforms, and you will never be the same.

After we ignite the flames of the ancient fire within, we will cool the energies with a water blessing and activation.

Choose your destiny, and after ceremony, watch the results of the sacred fire.

Fire Ceremonies in Sedona:

$222 Donation per person

$444 Donation for one person

For Fire Ceremonies outside of 60 miles of Sedona, e-mail:

If you are from the First Nations, or a Disabled Veteran.please contact Song Bird Grand Mother for discounted services.


Each group member is gifted a “medicine bundle,” to represent the “new medicine” they have received.

So, please email the names of each person coming to the ceremony and if they are Male or Female.

Ready to schedule?

*Pick your date and time

*When scheduling include how many are in your group, their names, and gender details

*You can pay the total price at booking or pay 50% at the time of reserving & pay the rest at the ceremony

Click “Book Appointment” to schedule your time.


You can send your full or half deposit via PayPal, Vemo, or Cash App

a 50% deposit is required to secure your time and appointment. You can pay in full before ceremony to start the energy or you can pay half up front, and the other half via cash at the ceremony.


Venmo: @SongBirdGrandMother

You can also call in with your Credit Card Number

Each ceremony is custom designed using the cosmic energies and the individual needs of each participant. 

If there is a specific area where you would like your ceremony, please include this when reserving your time.

Additional Details:

*You can re-schedule up to 1 week before your arrival.

*There are no refunds or exchanges on ceremonies.

*Every effort is made to make these ceremonies transformational.

*The choice is always up to the individual to make the shifts.

*Once you book your time, you will receive confirmation &  details on where we will meet, and how to prepare for ceremony

If you have any questions, please email:


Call or Text: 928-821-6380

I look forward to sitting with you in the sacred way.

Hozho Nahasdlii,

“Happiness, Health, Harmony, Peace, Well-Being, Beauty, and All that is Good–Restored.”

Song Bird Grand Mother