September 25, 2018

Fire Ceremony

Private Fire & Water Ceremonies

Great for private retreats, families, and communities 

Teachings by the Fire

  These are deeper ceremonies that are done at sunset by the fire.

In the Winter they are held inside, and the rest of the year outside.

Are you ready to transform, shed, and renew your mind, body, and spirit?

Sit by the Sacred Fire as the ancestors did, and awaken the depth within your soul.


Ignite a fire at your home. Bring in the ancestral energies and light the fires of passion, joy, healing, transformation, and purification.

Heal illness, weakness, stress and pain.

Great for home blessings, igniting new energy, and bringing transformation into your life.

Invite your friends and family and reconnect with the ancient ways

within your bones.

These ceremonies are deep and transformative; we go deep into the essence of who you are.

Shed the “old,” clear the ancestral pains, ” and move into a bright new future!

Choose your destiny, and after the ceremony,

LIVE the results of the sacred fire.

After we ignite the “ancient flame within,” we will cool and balance the flames with a water blessing, activation, and renewal ceremony

Song Bird Grand Mother will travel anywhere to bring the fire.

If this work calls to you, and you want to plant a BIG fire in your home, office, and/or community.

Send an e-mail with your name, phone number, location, and a good time to contact you.

Call: 928-821-6380 leave a message of text if there is no answer

Stories by the fire:

These ceremonies focus on ancient teachings to transform, heal, and align you to your soul.

Beyond the spirit, we will go into the ancient core of who you are to awaken your truth.

This is a ceremony to awaken your cellular memories.

Using the power of the drum, we will travel into other “dimensions,” and “spiritual gateways,” to unlock hidden gifts and talents.

This ceremony focuses on awakening the “master within.” 

The intuitive guide within you who knows the “master plan.”

Great for Spiritual Retreats

All Fire Ceremonies are done at sunset in Sedona, Arizona.

The Fire moves and is hosted, we would love to bring the fire to you and your community.

Family Healing:

Bring your children, parents, grand-parents, and let’s sit in ceremony.

This is a ceremony for all ages and all ranges.

We will focus on the dynamics of the family, and group manifestation.

This ceremony will focus on clearing ancient lineages, and the generational patterns that cause pain and suffering,

Group Transformation

*Bring your friends, family, and/or kids where we will:

*Sit in a sacred way and co-create harmony, balance, and beauty for all in the group.

*Focus on a specific theme, teaching, or message for each person in the group.

Skull Carrier 

Activate your crystal skulls with the ancient fire of wisdom. Using the power of fire and water we will activate the “intelligence” within your bones. This is a gathering for the skull keepers. The keepers of wisdom.

We go deep into the fires of transformation, telepathy, and restructuring the patterns of the mind. In this gathering sit with others “keepers of the skulls,” and go deeper into your ancestral wisdom.

When the flame goes out, we will shift “timelines” using the power of water and crystal skulls for a water ceremony.

These gatherings deepen and strengthen your wisdom and connection with the crystal skulls and the power they possess.

Come activate the “bones” of who you are, and the ancient intelligence within yourself.

Trauma Clearing

This is a ceremony to transform and shed deep karmic wounds passed down through the DNA. In this ceremony, participants will be activated through the power of the drum, crystal grids, storytelling, prophecy, and gifts of the fire.

‘This is for those who are ready, willing, and able to shed the layers of ancestral wounds, to step bravely into the next evolution of their soul path.

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This work is in honor of all First Nations, all tribes, all religions, and all people across our sacred Grand Mother Earth