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Space Blessings

Sacred Space Blessings, and Banishings

♥ Did you just move into your new house, apartment, condo, business, or living space?

♥ Want to know the energy of the land you are on?

♥ Do you “sense” or have been having “ghost like” phenomenon?

♥ Would you like an energy clearing of your space?

A Sacred Space, Reading, and/or banishing can assist you in creating the best possible sacred space, and clear out any old or lingering energies from negative energies and/or spirits.

Long Distance Blessing:

Offers a cleansing of old energies to “clear the slate,” gift protection, and call in new blessings.  This service includes a candle ritual, blessing, protection, and energy clearing.

An Intuitive E-Mail Session includes:

The energy, vision, or advice shown about your house, tips on how to arrange good energy, and stones, herbs, or Deities that can help you clear energy and/or bring in good energy and abundance.

A Phone or Skype session is for those who need deeper healing, cleansing, and aligning with their sacred space.

For “House Hauntings” or “Banishings” please order the “60 Minute Phone or Skype Session” for deeper cleansing and investigation.

In special cases you may wish to have Song Bird Grand Mother come to your Sacred Space for deeper work. Please email for such inquiries.

Please send your address, and/or picture of your home when ordering. 

House Blessings, Clearings, and Banishings

All House Services include energy clearing, short message, prayers, and candle protection.

All readings are scheduled AZ MDT:

Please Pre-Pay to book your time

E-Mail readings take 24-72 hours to complete.