Connect to the Earth

The Toltec teachings state that those who are the most connected to the Earth will make it through the Earth shifts and plagues.The teachings say that in 2020 the world would be forced to go into darkness and we would enter the last underworld of uncertainty.

Those who have deeper work in this underworld would be forced to stop and face the uncertainty of abundance, aging, and health. The sun is shifting from the 5th sun to the 6th sun. The 5th sun was a masculine sun of war, conquest, and action.The sixth sun is a feminine sun where we go within for all the answers. All healing, abundance, and health comes from within not outside.It is only those who can “tune out and tune in,” who will master this last underworld of uncertainty to achieve total Peace.

How you know you are in alignment with the new sun:

1. Your Abundance. How is abundance flowing to you? In 2020 many people increased their finances while many decreased their finances. This is related to how connected one is to the Earth. If you are in uncertainty with abundance or struggling, it’s time to go within and deeply connect to the Earth.

2. How are you aging?Those who are connected to the Earth age much slower. Are you aging faster or slower now?

3. How is your health and immune system?Those who are in alignment with the Earth will be healthy and strong. The sun gives life and health. Those who can synthesize and absorb the sunlight become stronger.

If you are not in alignment in any of these areas reconnect with the Earth. Get outside, speak gratitude to the Earth, plant flowers, clean up litter, take your shoes off and feel the dirt, get daily sunlight, hug a tree. Do whatever you can to reconnect with the source of all life. For only those who are connected to the Earth will not only survive but THRIVE.

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