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Recently I was asked to pick a 3d printed word at the Sedona International Arts festival, to celebrate and commemorate the 20th anniversary. The process was to pick a word that was then put on a picture of Cathedral rock, which is a powerful vortex site here in Sedona. After you pick your word, it is glued on the picture, and then displayed at the local theater.  As a recent transplant, I thought it was a great way to ground into my new town, and put an intention out to the Universe.

As I looked at all the powerful words I could choose, I found myself drawn to a word I wouldn’t ordinarily pick, “Achieve.”  This surprised me a bit, because I almost always choose “Love.” However, my intuition chose “Achieve.” After this experience, I’ve been reflecting on what this word “Achieve” has meant to me in the past, the programming I had, and the ways it has stopped me in many ways towards reaching my dreams.

Most of my life, I thought to “Achieve” was to obtain things. I saw achievement as a way to GET what I wanted in life. I “achieved” a Master’s degree, I “achieved” a business, I “achieved” many things in the material world, but in the “achieving” I never felt satisfied. There was always more to DO or GET. I started to feel empty. I found that “achieving” was a way to keep busy. It was a way to avoid what I was really feeling. It came with a sense of confusion, doubt, uncertainty, and instability.  “Achieving” led to titles and identifications, which led to labels and judgments. The more I “achieved” the more isolated and sad I felt. There was never a height that I could reach. There was always more that I could be and do. I constantly lived in the tomorrow. I never took in the moment of glory and really felt it. Even when I “achieved” something it wasn’t satisfying, because there was something more or I could have done better. It all revolved around getting and reaching. It was a circle of destruction, and I was so entrenched I didn’t know I was in it.

Growing up my first passion was music. From the time I was 5, I took piano lessons, sang in choirs, and learned various other instruments. It was always my dream to be a singer and to play concert piano. I worked hard at the piano. Practicing everyday, memorizing music for recitals, and sitting through critical piano lessons every week. Somewhere in the journey, music became complex, difficult, and challenging. I loved the challenge. If forced me to step up my practicing because I was finally playing music I loved. My favorite composer was Beethoven. I worked for many months perfecting “Fur Elise” and later “Pathetique Sonata” and many other classical works. I got to the point where my teacher said I was “college level” and “even if I tried, I would never lose the ability I had” when I was still in high school. And, of course that “label” immediately took me off my highest peak. I became lazy, and slacked with my practicing. I found that socializing, friends, and having a job were more interesting to me then learning the piano. I was “college level” I “achieved” all that I needed and that led me to eventually stop lessons all together.  I saw that by having a “job” I got paid, and with music I didn’t. In this case, my need to “achieve” led me to a dead end. Instead of cultivating my gift for music, my passion, and natural love of playing the piano, it led to a “DO” and “GET” situation. I did all that I needed and I won’t GET anything further. It was no longer fun for me to play the piano, and I felt that I had “achieved” all that I needed and what was the point in working hard. It has taken many years for me to un-do this from my relationship with music.  From this experience, and others that followed, I Learned that music is not something you can ever “achieve” but it is something that comes from your heart. It is a passion that fuels inside of you and playing music is one medium of expression. The music exists within. The musician simply expresses it. I always saw music as something I was doing and I would possibly “get” something from it, if I learned more scales and practiced harder.  The rewards I saw all were from the outside. Not once was I ever taught that the rewards exist on the insider first. In my limited thinking, the reward of achieving of course was in the form of money and praise. When I no longer saw that money was possible, and I wasn’t that interested in praise, I stopped all together.  This led to failed bands later and other musical ventures that all eventually went sour. Now music is something I cherish. It is something that flows when I am inspired. I no longer have to play because I have a desire to “achieve,” I play to express the music that exists within me. It is part of my Divinity.  I am grateful for the experienced I had with music for it taught me the truth.

Achieving has also led me to obtain a Master’s degree and fully convinced me to NOT get a PhD.  I thoroughly love and appreciate the education I received, but looking back I would have enjoyed the moments. Really balanced my mind, body, and Spirit and not been so focused on the outcomes. Grades come and go and in the end it doesn’t matter if you got an A or C on a test. I would have taken more classes that filled my creative spirit, and did more outside activities that were less about “achieving” and more fun!  College years are some of the best times in our lives, and it’s unfortunate that they usually occur too early.

For all those out there in college, take your time, enjoy the learning, but really embrace everything beyond the classroom and homework. Take classes that stimulate your creativity and passion. Get inspired and take action. In the end, what you experience is what you take with you for the rest of your life. It is not only the equations, but the ability to critically think, to see things from different angles, and to be a citizen of the world.  This is what college can be when we take the “getting” and “doing” out of it, and ease into the cosmic version of what it means to truly “achieve.” I met many in the academic world who have forgotten the gifts of fun and joy in their work, and the Universities are set up for professors to “achieve” and acquire. Professors must publish and get recognition for their work to “get” and keep their positions. This need to “achieve” exists in every institution. From the corporate world, to education, to government to entertainment this programming is there.

The programming around the concept of “achieving” has infiltrated almost every institution. Schools are now forced to give students tests to measure the “achieving” and are then given money and ranked based upon the results. This causes competition and scarcity thinking. Instead of focusing on gifts, talents, and service, we focus on climbing to the top to “do” what is necessary to “get” what we desire. This mentality is why cooperation and unity can be difficult.  If we don’t see clarity on what we must “do” to “get” what we desire we are not achieving. The fact that you exist is not enough. You must prove or justify your worth by what you have or will “achieve.” We are the only species on the planet that has the need to “Achieve” in this way. Cats, dogs, monkey’s, birds, have no desire or programming to “achieve” anything. They merely exist by following their hearts, living with what they are given, and experiencing life as it comes. As babies we are this way. Now one of our biggest lessons is to learn to go back to being this way.

Reflecting on my 3D printed word that is now displayed at the Mary D. Fisher Theater, named after a woman who really knows about “achieving” in the cosmic sense, I have a new understanding of what this word means and my path going forward.  Now Achieving” is beyond the “getting” and “doing” in fact it’s more in the “non-doing” where of the greatest “achievements” occur. “Achieving” is usually associated with a material object or pubic recognition, but the bigger cosmic version of “Achieve” which very few in this world obtain, but everyone desires, may take one lifetime or a thousand, but ultimately it is to be in alignment with your highest Self. This looks different for everyone, but feels the same to everyone. I’m calling this new form “Cosmic Achieve” and here are some of the aspects.

Cosmic Achieve Symptoms:

*Sense of purpose

*Clarity of vision

*Passion in what you do

*Peace of mind

*Challenges that grow you

*Persistent in your cosmic dream

*Flexibility and Flow

*Commitment & Discipline

*Faith & Trust

*Letting go of outcomes

*Inspired by creation

*Building a legacy

*Self-less service

“Cosmic Achieve” is about becoming one with your passion and inspiration. One of the main joys of life is having a dream for your life. For everyone dreams are different. Depending on your personal desires, every dream is unique and special. It comes from a place deep within– and the older we get–the more knocks and patterns–can bury and disillusion our dreams. However, at the core of everyone there is this Divine potential that once tapped can flow and become cosmic!

The beautiful aspect of a dream is that it remains a strong light, deep inside the core of us, and at any given moment has the potential to grow, expand, and be birthed into the physical realm of creation.  A dream starts as an invisible thought that gets fueled by emotion(s), and manifested through action, to be birthed into reality.  It’s a very simple, yet complex process because of all the limitations that lay within our minds. The programming around “achieving” your dreams can become daunting. If you have a mentality like I had of what can I “get” and “do” to “achieve x, y, z.” In this way of thinking, “achieving” becomes a low vibration and ultimately leads to failure. However, if we flip the switch and turn ordinary “achieving” and turn it to “cosmic achieving” then magic can happen. The difference is taking the “getting and doing” out of the process. If you love music then practice and create because you love it. Don’t think about what you need to “do” or what you will “get.” If money and/or praise and recognition (fame) are your primary motivations, the fuel of your work will quickly burn out. Take it from someone who has been there done that ,with many “passions” money and fame can suck the vision and desire out of your heart. Get clear with your “cosmic achieving” and you won’t have a burn out. See your greatest “achievement” as your life’s purpose, something you would do regardless of money or praise, and involves self-less service, and you have struck cosmic gold. The higher frequencies of “achieving” are ultimately self-less. There is no ego involved. As natural by-products you may acquire money and or fame. But, the primary goal is never those things. It is not wrong to have money or fame. In fact, in many cases, this is the highest manifestation of a cosmic dream. However, the main drive or motivation is not in “achieving” those things. Rather they become the cherry on top of hard work, determination, and fortitude in serving your life’s purpose.

The mind is an ancient complex, electrical, mechanism that is more powerful than we can imagine. It stores all memories of God. Within this complex organism lay all the answers. All the answers we seek lay inside of our being. For it is through our brain that we connect to the mighty river or currency of Spirit that is calling us to rise to our greatest potential. Everything we desire is right there within us. The answer to all our dreams, possibilities, passions, and highest light exist within us. The outside world simply serves as a mirror to help us to eliminate all the blockages in the way to achieving the highest potentials within us.  It is a process. All the tools are within. Connect to your cosmic dream and align to “cosmic achieving” this is the “achieving” that goes beyond the limited definitions of the old programming, but rises into the new programming waiting to be activated. It’s time to download this new app that is waiting for you. Time to drop the “getting” and “doing” and start with flowing to the rhythm of passion and service!

May you all rise into “Cosmic Achieving” and shine your light brighter than ever!

Until we meet again my friends,

Many Blessings of love and light!

Song Bird Grand Mother



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