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Creating with the Darkness-VIRTUAL Full Ceremony

Welcome to the Full moon. In this time of uncertainty and moving through the Great Mystery, let us join together in a virtual space and come together to release the old and manifest our new world going forward. 

In this ceremony we will discuss the current energies, create new intentions, and create with the darkness. 

We will dive deeper into the wisdom of the “dark moon” the mystery, the power, and how we can create with the darkness. 

We will release the fears around “darkness” and the unknown, release past trumas, and bring in new energies for the next cycle.

For this ceremony have the following:

*2 cups




This will be an on-line recorded Zoom ceremony. Once you sign up you will receive the link. The ceremony will be recorded and sent out to those who sign up. 

Sign up now:

For more information contact:

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