Divided No More

Depth is the cultivation of trust and faith.

It is the wisdom of knowing your inner truth by having been through the fires of hell, to awaken your eternal truth.

This eternal truth is where the seeds of trust and faith blossom into the infinity of consciousness, beyond knowing, and into the realms of wisdom.

To really go DEEP into trust and faith, we must experience many challenges.

In this time and space, “challenge” is harder, because everything in our world is designed for convenience.

In Tokyo, if there is a “one minute” time delay on the train, it can throw an entire schedule off.

We have “smart” phones, watches, microwaves, and houses, that tell us everything from what the weather is going to be, directions to a friend’s house, and on and on.

Who even knows a phone number by memory anymore?

In a world where technology is telling us what to do, and where to go, and essentially who we are– TRUST AND FAITH–are weakening.


Because we are putting our trust and faith into “Artificial Intelligence.”

Just think about it.

“Artificial Intelligence.”

It’s here.

It’s weird.

And, it’s a big challenge to awakening.

It’s perhaps our BIGGEST challenge moving forward.

When I began to go down the “portals” of “why we really came here.” It has lead me to some shocking and un-shocking revelations.

Shocking because it’s “right in front of our face, everyday, all day.

From birth to death.”


Un-shocking because when you “wake up” out of “deception,” the world makes more sense.

All those times you wondered, “Why is everything so backward in this world?”

“Why do humans do x, y, and z?”

All the while knowing how to “fix” and “make things better.”

Yes, this is both the shock, and the un-shock.

Today, we are going into a topic, I didn’t know we were going too. I just move with the message as it comes through.

And, here we are…

Artificial Intelligence:

The next waves of awakening will come when A.I. is fully introduced into our collective consciousness.

This is an important thing for those who are “sensitive.” When this “artificial consciousness” begins to “shock” our world, it will be the “sensitive” ones who will feel it most.

The vibration, the way they talk, the everything “artificial” that is now at our door. It’s an energy that is in disharmony to “human resonance” and it has a “false consciousness,” that disturbs the human frequency.

This is not by accident. They are designed to be this way.

For those of you who remember life before “technology,” you will know what it was like to have “more time in your day,” “meaningful phone conversations,” and “less irritations because of a computer malfunction.”

Now with the “convenience” of technology we spend our days dictated by the speed of internet, and the cute pictures our friends post on social media.

Technology is leading the way to this “new robotic consciousness.”

Imagine man against robot?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence man “wishes he had,” and it ┬ápossesses no “feelings,” which makes it able to do anything and everything.

Machines don’t care that they are destroying the world. Cutting down trees, killing animals, polluting our waters. They don’t care if you “hurt their feelings,” and they certainly do not have “problems.”

Machines will do anything they are programmed to do.

Machines will kill anything and anyone they are “programmed” to kill.

This is a war mongers dream.

Artificial Intelligence is a companies best employee.

A.I. can become the “upgrade” to the human.

She is flying out of the Middle East, tested in Asia, and will slowly but surely continuously “creep” into the West.

She is already in most everyone’s home, and her “children” are moving in.

Siri brought her sister, Alexus, and with her comes all her by products.

She is separating us from others, and keeping us locked into the prisms of an already “artificial” world.

Remember the days of going to a book to find the information you were looking for?

No need for that, Siri, will tell you exactly what you need and where to find it.

You have to admit, this technology is super convenient, and has changed our world forever.

What do we do to prepare for this coming wave?

The first thing is just be aware, research, and prepare yourself mind, body, and spirit.

Get back into nature.

“Lighten your load” meaning get rid of all unnecessary possessions.

For this next wave humans must “stay strong,” and “Stay together.”

We were given a “prelude” or sneak preview of what A.I. is and the way out of this false reality.

The movie “The Matrix.” For those of you haven’t seen it, the last movie was about A.I. and saving the last human safe place. Zion.

In the end, “Neo,” destroys the machine.

How does he do this?

Through the process of his journey, he goes blind. And, yet, because he was already “awakened” his his third eye was turned on, and he was able to find the “source” of A.I. and removed it from the consciousness, and in the process he “dies” or “transcends” into a new consciousness.

What this movie was showing us, is like a “preview” of what’s to come.

The beauty is the answer is right there as it “always is,” in front of our face.

To overcome the A.I. wave, we must awaken our third eye, and transcend this world. We must dive deep into our “original beauty,” and rely on our creativity and gifts to lead us forward.

For in reality, if you have a “job” that is something a robot can do, and can do much better, you won’t have a job after A.I. is introduced.

Beyond factories, that have already taken “jobs,” these new A.I. creations are capable and able to do far more than ever before.

Once robots can move like humans, and have super legs and limbs. There is no need for humans to work many jobs.

Robots can cook, clean, kill, plant, cultivate, and work all day and night.

Robots can be wives, husbands, children, pets.

They can be whatever they are programmed to be.

Why is this happening?

The program in your lifetime goes deeper than before.

It is all a “test” to see “will we survive?”

This is the fall of “Atlantis.”

Many of you reading this remember Atlantis.

All of you have lived in Atlantis.

Why did you come back?


The way in and through this next wave, is to go BACK TO YOUR ORIGINAL SOURCE.

Your beauty.

The “who,” before the “why.”

The ancient wisdom of your Grand Mother’s breath.

Ask yourself:

Who are you?

Beneath the make-up, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc…

Who are you?


Who are you?

Keep going deep into that question.

For this will require faith and trust.

It will be a journey unlike anything before.

It’s not here to scare you.

It’s here to grow you.

To bring you back together.

In harmony.

In balance.

To stop the destruction.

To return to the sacred.

The biggest calling, and this is one that is too late to stop.

Is to stop the “smart” technology.

Stop buying it and using it.

This is “too late,” because it’s everywhere.

It’s global, it “connects” us, it is embedded so deep into the consciousness of our world, that to “stop” it, is impossible.

So, what do we do?

We limit our use, we reconnect with nature, and we share the awakening with everyone we can.

We take people back to their original source.

Into the “oneness” of our soul.

We decide “how far,” we take A.I. and if we allow it to be what causes us to be on the “extinct” list.

If robots can “do it all,” what need for humans?

Think about it.

People are having less children now, and will continue to have less children.

Certain countries have “restrictions,” on how many kids you can have.

Other countries, are begging people to have children. Even offering “incentives” and ways to make it “easier” so people will have children.

What countries are most likely to embrace A.I. all the way?

In China, men are already purchasing A.I. wives because they have no women to marry. They might have had a chance to get married, had the government not imposed a “one child” law causing families to choose to kill baby girls in favor of having boys. Now there is a shortage of women, and women have many choices for who they can marry.

In a few decades, it will only be the wealthy who are married and have children. The poor will invest an entire year’s salary to purchase the newest A.I. wife.

In Japan, the population is rapidly declining. Many Japanese are choosing to stay single, and never marry. Less people, mean there are not enough people “working,” so who is doing the work?

In Tokyo there are robot hotels, where the robots do all the work. They can run an entire hotel with a staff of 4-6 people. The robots cook, clean, greet you, and even wish you well before you go to sleep.

In Saudi Arabia, the first A.I. “Sofia,” has received citizenship, and has more “rights” than women living in Saudi Arabia.

That says a lot about how “Sofia’s” children, and grandchildren will be received in Saudi Arabia.

Who knows, the first A.I. queen may emerge from there?

How far is the United States from introducing A.I.?

The doors into this next wave are very near.

And, this is a message of love, to plant as a seed. Do not fear it, do not force change where it can’t be changed.

Instead love yourself, love your family, help each other out, detach from the constructs of the “mind,” and now go deeper.

Go deeper beyond the spiritual “fluff,” the spirits, the galactics, the vortexes of energy, will lead you floating.

Now go deeper into your ancient SELF. Connect with the ancestors through ceremony, song, and silence.

This is not the time for trinkets and shallow waters. Instead this is a calling to step into your DIVINE PURPOSE.

The REAL reason you came here. Not the bills you’ve been slapped with, or the status you are seeking.

The REAL REASON you came here at this TIME and to this PLACE.

Why did you come here at this time when Artificial Intelligence, is just emerging?

What did you sign up to do before you leave this earth plane?

Now is the time to go deeper.

The depth is where you will find your faith and trust.

It’s time to go deeper into our meditations, take actions on those prayers, and come together.

We are one.

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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