Embrace the Great Mystery


Life is ceremony. Everyday we are gifted the opportunity to rise up and choose how we wish to receive the world.

There are times in ceremony of great joy, ecstasy, bliss, and new beginnings. There are also moments of great uncertainty, horror, pain, illness, and death. Ceremony allows everything to come in and through us. It breaks us down to rebuild us, it fills us up, and empties us out.

Sitting in ceremony is practice, and training, for how to live life from the heart. It prepares us and fills us with true power and sustenance. It creates space within us, so the Divine can flow in, and through freely surrendering to the dance within.

It is a gathering of sacred space, the place where all is welcomed, the portal for true healing and unity.

When we sit in ceremony, we allow life in all her beauty, and mystery to gift us grace, fill us with love, and show us who we really are.

Ceremony brings us closer to the Divine within us– and without us. That which walks WITH US and IN US–AS US.

It is the allowance for the GREAT MYSTERY to move us, and is the foundation for all our great dreams.

To sit in ceremony is to sit with our highest and lowest selves– to purify, enhance, and in-power who we already are.

It is the merging and becoming of who you were, and who you are; in the delicate dance of why you came.

Ceremony is the dance of life.
Welcome to the dance.

Are you ready to tango?

Love and blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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