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Fast Track to Peace

Hello Brothers and Sister,

We as a collective in America have decided to take the “fast road” to ascension. The outcome isn’t about the winner or loser, but in fact goes much deeper. We are entering into the “unknown” the North direction on the Medicine Wheel. The time where everything is the Great Mystery. We must now trust that the Great Mystery is weaving her masterpiece for all to see.

This is the beginning of a new time and era. We are on the “fast track to peace” and all is in Divine Order. Trust the Universal law unfolding. This truly is a wonderful time for us, no matter how you are feeling, this is a gentle reminder to accept it all.

Many people right now are feeling the disappointment, sadness, and despair of the Wounded Feminine. Let us send light and love to all those who are feeling emotions. As you release and purge, be sure to fill that space with power and courage. True change and transformation begins with the calling within and births into the world. Focus on your calling as we as come together and heal. All hands and feet are needed for our next chapter, heal yourself, and let’s come together now for the next generations to come.

The truth is there are no “winners” or “losers.” The real winning team is US. We are beyond elections, politics, and the “rulers” who lead with the mind forgetting the heart. We are the light of the world, here to build a movement of love. Nothing can stop the wave starting and building. It’s time to fuel up and step into your light like never before.

As I have felt for many years, 2017 is going to be a rocket ship of ascension as more and more people awaken to follow their hearts. It is the year of the Fire Rooster. The rooster will be calling all day, awakening us all into the truth of who we are. Love is the only way in and through.

Remember love in all that you do, think, say, and be, and miracles beyond miracles will be your experience moving forward.

The focus going into 2017 is completely on the Divine Feminine. The return of the Feminine way of doing things. Her energy has come forward sweeping all the weaker and wounded parts of the  broken feminine aside. All the ways women have been disempowered, belittled, and made to lose over and over again. The broken sisterhood that tears one another down, instead of lifting one another up. The wounded feminine is now coming up for healing and transmuting. Women can no longer operate from that space any longer, let us use this election as symbol of rebirth. As we let go of the old ways, grieve her, and heal her. For the wounded feminine cannot change the world.

The new way, the new sheriff emerging, is the healed Feminine. The Divine Feminine. The powerful woman.
The woman who shines her light, shows her love, and is vulnerable creating with the greatness within. She is a woman of courage and action whose focus is always on how to love, nurture, and care for her community.
She defends the elderly, sick, weak, and fearful.
She is an Earth protector, and wisdom keeper.

She is the Great Mother who loves all, is all, and creates all. She is the Great Mystery. Her power is not in muscles or might. Instead her power is in creation, she uses her body to create life, she gives her sexuality as a gift of fertility, and she honors the season in Divine Timing. She knows how to wait and take action with the mindset of equality for all.

The Divine Feminine is making her presence known, felt, and experienced. She is loving us and caring for us as we heal, mend, and come together to build great things. Moving forward it’s time to focus on allowing her grace, love, and compassion into our hearts, and move us to be the peace we wish to see in the world.

It’s time to work together as brothers and sisters to create new systems, programs, and ways for us as communities to have abundance, peace, and love for all. It’s time to heal the broken “medicine wheel” of all nations, creeds, religions, races, and groups.

Together we can have a great victory and create our legacy of light. Let us use this time in our history to stand for something greater than ourselves.

The time of separation has ended, as we now move into the collective field of endless possibilities and dreams. 

During the year and years to come we will be coming together to heal the broken parts, the separation, and fear. This is the birth of amazing, wonderful, and mysterious things to come.

In order to maximize our lives to match these incoming strong energies, we must follow our hearts, listen to our intuitions, form strong relationships, and dance with the Great Mystery.

This is a beautiful time, trust that, and know that everything is working for the highest good.

Time to step up and move together.
Our time is now.

Sending lots of love and blessings,

Until we meet again

 Love and Blessings,
Song Bird Grand Mother

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