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Gathering the Harvest

Hello Soul Family,

Welcome to the aftermath of the “Great Solar Eclipse of 2017” the closing of a 100 year cycle.

A time of Great Awakening, Choice Points, and Moving forward into a New Beginning.

The Solar Eclipse brought an energy to “re-set,” and “re-ground,” into the truth of who we are. Going forward it is important to “plant new seeds of love,” and create freedom from the Matrix.

This is a time to be the Creatrix and/or Creator of your life. Another way to say this is to take, full responsibility for your life and creations.

The Energy is now pushing us into distinct choices of, “love or fear.” There is no “in-between,” but rather there is only love or fear. The time of “dibble-dabble” is complete, and this new time gives each individual an opportunity to choose their destiny or push it aside.

The call is to, “Wake Up, or be Awoken.” Everyone is  on this ride, no one will be left behind. This is a time of mass evolution, and we are just getting started.

Set your destination, and keep focused on love, the heart opening is what will lead humanity forward.

The key to “leaving the Matrix,” is eliminating the chaos in your life, and trusting that abundance is your birth right.

This is a time of “Gathering the Harvest,” to gather your greatest life’s work and mission to assist the world. Your future is already determined, now is the choice point where humanity is evolving or revolving.

What does this mean?

We either dare to go beyond and evolve, or we keep  revolving within the “constructs of the Matrix.” The Matrix cannot touch love. Love is an energy that lives outside the Matrix. Fear is what keeps oppression, poverty, murder, rape, profit over people, and all of the “sufferings of humanity.” Fear is what manifests horror in the collective reality.

To rise above  is an individual choice, that requires courage, strength, and clear focus.

This crossroad is a tunnel or a “passing through” to the next destination, the next stop on your journey. The next Solar Eclipse in 2024 will complete this cycle forming an X across the United States, where we will see the completion of this current energy.

Questions to contemplate moving forward:

What inspires you to create for humanity?

What burdens are you ready to lay down?

In this moment of co-creation, what most lights you up?

Everything is a vibration that you Vibe In-or-Out

As within, so without.

Peace comes in stillness–stillness of thought, emotion, and action. When you are still nothing effects you.  This re-set is of mind, body, and spirit. Stop playing the game, tune out the outside noise to turn on the in-ward silence.

If you can imagine it…it can be created. Ignore those who move into the path of obstacles. As the timeline splits, the dimensions become less and less. The veils break open, portals and bridges burst, and “off” things begin to happen.

In this world, we are already seeing, sensing, tasting, and feeling the “off” energies. Emotions are high, the programming is breaking down, and eyes are wide open. Humanity is waking up, and in this time of waking up, it is each individuals opportunity to choose their way forward.

World Change requires a mass change. Many awakenings simultaneously leading to love. We are now in the crucial moments of awakening, and those who truly “make it,” are those who live from the heart.

If you are reading this, you are an “awakener,” here to choose and show the path of love. This is the time to gather your harvest, share your bounty, and help others to cross into this timeline of love and compassion.

Return of the Harvest the Way Forward:

This is a time of gathering, community, unity, money, and abundance for all. The harvest is the “receiving” of the bounty. A time when all of your hard-work is received in the physical world. The Solar Eclipse represents the harvest of a century, the “reaping” AKA “raping,” of the Mother Earth is coming to a cross-roads.

This is the time of the “roosters coming home,” the “Awakeners” are Waking-Up and Speaking loud.

There is nothing to “do,” and everything to “be.” Receive your Harvest, and gather your kin, for the next seven years are going to be the time your life. You now have the choice.

Do you wish to keep banging your head with fear and chaos, or are you ready to choose love and peace?

The door is now open.

Welcome to harvest,

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother


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