Grief The Greatest Awakener

At some point, if you live long enough, grief will come knocking at your door. The death of a loved one is perhaps the greatest awakener of the heart. Death, loss, divorce, and endings, often trigger this underlaying energy that is weaved into our existence.

The greater the grief the bigger the awakening. Death is inevitable. There is not one person who is living who will not experience grief at some point. It is a unique part of our human experience, and in these times of Shifting energies, grief is permeating through the air.

The post is dedicated to all those going in and through the waves, and those about to be going through them.

Grief is something in our Western society we try everything to cover up. When we are down in the dumps and someone asks us, “how are you?” Instead of saying, “I’m down in the dumps with grief.” We instead mask it and say, “I’m managing” or “I’m fine” or “I’ll be okay.” Instead of really acknowledging and feeling the waves of grief we mask them, get uncomfortable, say awkward and strange things. This keeps grief in limbo, stagnant, and it lingers through the air.

Grief is a wave. It comes and goes. The deeper we feel, the deeper we heal and release. It may come and go, but when we allow rather than fear, grief passes and subsides with each tear drop, each conversation, and each step forward.

Grief is death, change, and trauma. It lives in the cells, asking to be released through the waters of tears, through the solitude, and it permeates all that we do. When we are grieving, we are expanding, getting to what really matters, and shifting our vibrations.

Grief gifts us the opportunity to return to the sacred, to clean house of what doesn’t vibrate within, and to know who and what will support us on our journey’s going forward.

The deeper the grief, the deeper the opening.

Grief is an invitation to clear the shadows, heal the ancestral pain in our cells, and release what is superficial.

It is usually the deeper layer underneath anger, sadness, and corruption. It masks itself inside of greed, loneliness, isolation, fear, and panic.

Grief expresses itself in many ways, but underneath all the grief is unresolved pain. When we dig deeper within, and allow ourselves this expression, we heal trauma giving way for the birth of new creation.

Grief is a wave, and it comes and goes. Sometimes it is a weak wave, other times it is a rushing body of water overcoming us mind, body, and spirit. Grief is Universal. It can quickly shift from laughter to tears, it knows no bounds, and it does not discriminate. Many times it comes like a “thief in the night.”

Grief is here for us to dive into our deepest fears, heal our wounds, and challenge ourselves to open to the greatness deep within our bones.

It is the DNA we carry, the unsaid words, the violent actions, the loud reactions, the panic, and the fear.

No matter the situation or fear, when we have the courage to look into our grief, we free ourselves to feel the universal core of who we are as humans. We remember that we came to experience, to free, and to create the best of what our life is offering.

In this moment, let us honor the grieving process, and each other, and let go of the “superficial” and really come together for this grand opportunity to step out of the shadows of doom and gloom, and into the arising of the birth of who we really are.

Tears, fears, and all that is here, is a blessing for us to remember why we came here.

Life is a ceremony. Your participation is not only necessary, but required.

To all the brave hearts, you are here to be a warrior not a worrier.

No one can say what’s to come, predictions change by the minute. Nothing can be known through the head, it is now through the heart we must go. Through the grief, there is a light, and that light is you soul.

The invitation is for us as a collective to meet in the soul of who we are.

As Rumi said,

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

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