Happy Summer Solstice/Father’s Day

Turning Inward

Today marks a cycle, a turning point, a place of returning to center. We are now at the pivotal moment of energy with┬áSolstice the grandest day of light on the Northern hemisphere, and the longest day of night on the Southern hemisphere. Solstice is a time of inward reflection, ceremony, and sacred rituals. It’s the ending of the first half of the year, which this year, has been particularly filled with strong energies of 2015. It’s a time to go deep within and honor your sacred path, to make choices on where you are stuck, and to pray for the cutting of old energies that bind you to old realities. It’s the marking of a transition, a new cycle, and to the ancients was the place where the energies shift from the old to the new.Wherever you find yourself on your path, it’s time to go deep within, and do a check into where you are on your sacred walk?
What has the first half of the year revealed to you?
Where are you ready to shift and change?
Like the mighty butterfly you are ready to emerge from the cocoon, what struggle or challenge is ready to be released?
This is the time to go inward and make the shift. Since this auspicious and wonderful day also falls on “Father’s day” it’s extra blessed with the Grand Father spirit of love. The Divine Masculine is within us all, and the energy of “Father” both our physical and spiritual father honors the masculine within us all. Our Grand Father spirit who loves us, protects us, and guides us to Divine action. The masculine is the seed that implants the feminine. It is the spark that creates life, and represents safety, protection, guidance, and clearing. For many years, the masculine has been neglected, wounded, and a prisoner to social conditioning. As the veils lift, and more and more people awaken to the truth of love, the Divine Masculine will once again be restored and balanced. It’s time to honor the Masculine as sacred, and work together to build a new paradigm of love, companionship, and freedom. The Divine Masculine has yet to fully be birthed on our planet, but more and more men are awakening to their spirituality and truth. It is a beautiful time for the awakening of love, and working together is crucial as we transition into a new paradigm for humanity.
Happy Father’s day to all Father’s and partners of this sacred journey. For without the male principle this world would not exist, and it is the brave man who steps into the path of fatherhood and is forever transformed. It is time to pray for the wounded masculine, and feminine, and make decisions and choices on how to honor the balance within ourselves. As we work on balancing ourselves, the mirror around us shifts and changes, and we change the world from war to peace.2015 is the year of action with purpose. To own both the receiving intuitive feminine and the action oriented Masculine energies within. Wherever you find yourself imbalanced in masculine or feminine energies, is where your grandest truths remain, and with spiritual guidance, faith, and prayer, the doorway to miracles is now open. To open the doorways, simply open your heart to the receiving energies of love. Solstice is also a time when the doorways between the physical and spiritual realities are thin. Write down any thoughts, inspirations, fears, dreams, and insights that come up as “aha” moments. Also it is a beautiful time to write down all the good things in your life, the gratitudes and appreciations for this life.Life is very precious and sacred, and each one of you is moving nature. You are the flowers of Mother Earth, the beloved of the Grand Mother, and Grand Father Spirit loved more than you will ever know. It’s time to rise into Divine purpose, united and balanced, and step into the new realities of miracles waiting for you just around the corner!
Have a beautiful week turning inward!
Love, peace, and blessings for the new!
Song Bird Grand Mother
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“Turning Inward”
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