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Harmonize Yourself

Be in flow.

Hear the wind.

Feel her call.



The ocean is wide.

The way is narrow.

Go deeper in.

Find your truth.



The world is waiting.


Greatness comes.

Greatness goes.



Ride the wave.

Step into your truth.

Turn grief into gold.

Now is your time.

The world is waiting.

The tides are shifting.


Go far.

Go wide.


Turn the sails.

Follow your tune.


Heed the call.

Don’t delay.


Use words of wisdom.

Speak them daily.

Affirm your future.

Now is the time.


Go forward fearlessly.

Take no one’s pity.


Accept angels blessings.

Know the difference.


Now is your time.


Go far, go wide.


What are you waiting for?



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