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Heal Grief


She is the silent wheeps of unfinished business,

The horror and sorrow of a cruel world.




She is the echo of times forgotten.

The hidden hand behind evil.

The repressed anger within us.

The hungry darkness, that wants out.


She is the healing our world most needs at this juncture in time.

She is the witch, the wizard, the child, and the lover.

She is woven through all dimensions across time and space.


Who is she calling?

She is calling you.

Heal those unhealed parts.

Unmask and reveal yourself behind the mask.

Grief is asking you to heal and replenish.


Whether it is through fire, death, destruction, ancestral bloodlines, or fear coursing through your veins.


The time for healing is now.

Why is the world living in such chaos?

Why is the shadow kicking into overdrive?

It is grief that calls us to awaken into the depths of who we are.

All those childhood traumas, pains, ancestral wounds, are coming up for clearing and releasing.


Let them go.


Surrender the past to the future.


Trust in the unknown.

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