Healing Self-Hatred


Today’s message is probably not the most popular topic, not widely discussed, highly repressed, and may trigger a response. Stay with me this is a powerful one and much needed to heal for all beings living at this time.

Self-hatred. What is self-hatred? How do you know you’re suffering from it? How to heal it? This is what will be discussed in this message today.

What is self-hatred? It is all the ways we have been conditioned to judge, condemn, ridicule, and slam our self and worth down to the ground. It is the reason we hide behind jobs, money, success, partners, and victimize ourselves. It is a rampant parasite that compares, evaluates, and minimizes who we are and why we came to this planet. In short, is is the real destructor of why dreams fail, relationships fall apart, and happiness feels far away.

Self-hatred is fear. It is self-sabotage, it is condemnation. It is a way the mind keeps you small, and stops you from your true beauty.

How do you know you have it?
Nothing is ever good enough. You feel low in worth. You value others before yourself, and you are hiding your light. Self-hatred exists in Fear of shining, fear of owning your truth. It is a monster that comes out every so often to remind us of who we are not.

How to heal this affliction?
Re-condition your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and mind. It may take time, but it’s worth it. When feelings of darkness emerge, take time out, remind yourself of all the good things you have done and will do, be around others who lift you up, and most importantly be Brave to go through the darkness. Feel the pain of your heart, and grieve the inner child who is waiting for your embrace.

Self-hatred is the root of hatred. When you hate yourself–you hate the world. When you love yourself–you love the world.

Right now in our world we are suffering with self-hatred. What we see in others is what we see in ourselves. We must become the mirror of love to change the world. We must first be Courageous to look within and make peace with the war inside. Once we make peace within, true love emerges, from this place self-love rises, and world peace happens.

Until we heal the self-hatred the battle outside continues. It’s time to rise up, heal our hearts, come together, and love one another.

We are in this together. We are one. Let’s remember love and peace going forward. You are beautiful, powerful, and precious. Continue on Love Warriors!

You are rocking this planet one heart at a time💕

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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