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Health is Wealth-New Moon VIRTUAL Ceremony

Welcome to the New Moon. We will now begin our journey into a new cycle of Taurus, Earth Day, and the second cycle of this new year cycle.

This is the time where we will dive deeper into the ancient teachings and wisdom of the Earth, and the higher vibrations that crystals can offer us.

We will discuss the “immune-boosting​ crystals” their properties, how to use them for health, wealth, protection, and meditation.

You will learn how to cleanse, activate, and use your crystals to enhance your life, vibration, and home circulating good energy.

We will discuss the ancient ways crystals were used and still used and do a meditation to reconnect with this ancient wisdom deep inside.

Bring your favorite crystals with you in our virtual ceremony as we will do a drumming and tuning session to build a grid from all of our homes to bring good health, wealth, and protection to ourselves, families, communities, and the world.

The crystals, minerals, essential oils, and herbs gift their lives for us to live better and transform ourselves. Through their gifts we are given the opportunity to shift, change, and transmute the energies that block us from greatness.

Let’s join together for this new moon and reconnect to the Earth, Each other, and the ancient wisdom of the crystals.

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