Ignite the Thunder-Full Moon Ceremony

Are you ready to OWN your power?

Join us for this full moon where we mark the end of this Transcendental month, by shedding old beliefs, stepping into courage, and opening the door to new beginnings.

Come take a break and go within for clarity, strength, and new beginnings.

We will do rituals to transform painful beliefs, take an empowerment drumming journey to empower your spirit, and bring in clarity for the way forward.

In this year of foundation, the choices, decisions, and actions taken will lay the bricks for years to come.

Come and activate your spirit and prepare your foundation,

Things to bring:

*Pillow or cushion to sit on (Chairs are provided)




*Wear Comfortable clothes

* An offering for facilitator of sage, palo santo, mugwort, tobacco, cedar, or another healing herb

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