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joyHello Brother’s and Sisters,

Here we go into another exciting doorway of new beginnings, shifting energies, and Universal love. We are now in the doorway of a powerful eclipse and full moon ending our Lion’s Gate; moving us all into a portal of new beginnings!

Time to celebrate!
Nothing to celebrate?
Oh, there is always something to celebrate. Put on some feel good music, take time to be with people you love, reminisce on a time when life was joyful, dance, sing, go karaoke, go on a hike, take that vacation, and love yourself up! You deserve it! There’s only this life, this present moment, and how you choose to experience it.
Why not see everything as joy?

Joy is our natural birth right, no matter how the world tries to take it, don’t let your joy be taken. It truly is the way forward. Be it, embody it, and share it. The world needs more joy and laughter especially as we move out of polarity and into unity.What is joy? Joy doesn’t come from a person, place, or thing. Those are all temporary. Joy is a feeling of wonder, fulfillment, and love. It radiates from the inside, out, and touches everything and everyone. It can never come from an outside force and it always expands the more we choose it. So, everyday, choose joy, and the more you choose it, as if by magic the more it shows up.

This has been an intense summer of growth and it’s time to feel the rewards. It’s time to feel ALIVE! So often on this journey it can get heavy, the weight of bills, jobs, family, health, relationships, and all the tricks of the mind. However, joy is a blissful state that every being is entitled to no matter their personal situation. Joy comes from following the heart at every turn, and choosing joyful experiences that are in alignment with your soul calling. If something doesn’t feel good or right to the heart it will show up in non-joyful ways.

Trust the nudges, and ask yourself how you can shift the energy? If the answer is to leave–leave. If it’s to look at your situation in a different way, then see all the angles. And, of course the remedy to non-joy, is self-love. Love yourself. There is no manual to life. There is no right or wrong. It’s all choice. Your past is not a definition of who you are, and it most definitely is not determining where you are heading. Don’t let the regrets, worries, doubts, fears, and suspicions rob you of your natural birth right to be joyful. Whatever and wherever you are is perfect. You are perfect as you are. There will never be anyone like you in history, and the world is a much better place with you in it. Trust that you are a divine miracle, nothing short of amazing! You are amazing as you are right here, right now!

Joy is an expression, it is a choice, and it is a gift we give ourselves. We are born with an internal GPS called, “Intuition” and the more we trust this GPS system, joy becomes our natural state. Sometimes we forget, but when you consciously choose to remember, “oh yea, I’m joy” everything in your reality shows up as lighter and joyful.

Don’t believe it, give it a try. The worst you can feel is joyful! Right?

I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart! Where? Down in my heart!

Yes, it’s time to get down with joy! Feel it, embody it, and own it! You are joy!

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and joyful week!

I look forward to seeing a world on fire with JOY!

Until we meet again,

Love and Blessings,

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