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Leave your “Junk” at the Door

It’s a New Moon; time for some New Medicine! Oh, wait, before you receive this “new medicine,” don’t forget to:

You might be noticing the rumblings and stirrings of this global planetary shift that is now upon us. This is such a special time upon us, and it’s time for all of us to rise up out of fear and into love.


This is a return to loving the Divine Mother. 

Our planet, our home, our Creator.


She is rising and her time is peaking. She has been repressed for thousands of years, and is rising us upinto the love our planet is needing and desiring.


She is rumbling and awakening us to our highest truths.

Are you ready for the SHIFT?


As the soft Feminine moves she is soft at first, then she gets louder and louder, until she cannot hold back and she rumbles, shakes, and causes us to acknowledge her as the Great Mother we walk upon everyday.


We can choose to listen and obey, or not…

The choice will be made for us one way or another. We have been talking about it, we have been writing about it, we have been speculating, and now it is upon us…


What is all this “shift” stuff about you may ask?

Is it the end of the world?

Is it the beginning?

Is it something we should fear?

Is this the Golden age of Humanity?


The simple answer is WE ARE ALL CREATING this now. 

Humanity has “never been here before,” or maybe we have?

You decide.

For their are cycles, beyond cycles.

Worlds beyond worlds, to arrive at the ONE who lives inside of you.

Whatever “lie” is in your life is dying– or being questioned on a profound healing level.


Whatever fear you have in money, health, love, relationships, business, career, you name it, it’s coming up for healing.

The old ways of doing things out of control, manipulation, fear, pain, loss, and oh yeah, FEAR, are no longer able to reside within you.

It’s time to let it go…

Surrender to the higher power within you that is Divine, and rules all that we are and do.

These lessons will push you to continuously let go. Letting go of all that no longer serves you, rising into your truth, no matter how difficult it is.

These are times of transition, change, transformation, transmutation, and detaching from the “illusion.”


If you are “awake” than this is a powerful time for you. Before the end of the year, you must rise into courage, and SHIFT the “junk”  out of your system. You cannot afford to hold yourself “back” because of others; you can no longer operate out of fear; and not love; you can no longer “lie” to yourself, or procrastinate your light any further.


Before the big Spiritual 2×4’s hit you SHIFT yourself  by surrendering to your truth.

Begin to think about the legacy you wish to leave here on this earth! 


Is it one of fear or love? Is it one of honor and truth or lies and disillusionment? 


Do you want to do– what you love– and feel the love of those around you? 


Or, continue to live in “lies” of deceit and disharmony? 



Whether you want to or not change is beckoning at your doorway…

You can choose to walk through the door and leave your “junk” now or you can choose to ignore the doorway and allow the Universe to do that for you.


You choose. 


Those gentle gnawings that just seem to get bigger and bigger aren’t going away. Mother Goddess is coming for you, and she is the emotional element to the word we call God.


God has many facets, and one feminine and the other male, that converge into one whole being that we call Universe.


It is all and one, and it resides within every being on this beautiful planet. It’s time to reclaim the whole that we are –and rise out of fear– and back into love.


The “involution” which is now upon us is about love, light, community, wholeness, instant manifestation, complete harmony, and holding a high vibration for the frequency of the planet.

We came to hold that vibration for the planet to shift into this new vibration.

However, we are all bound together like Christmas lights waiting for all of us to light up our corners of the world.

When one light; lights up, the connection gets brighter.

One pocket of the world “awakens,” and from that “one,” millions, and soon billions are born.

It all begins with the One.

One choice can change everything.

This message is a nudge: Make that CHOICE.

Team Light needs your Light to WAKE UP the world. 

 Let’s rise together and Ascend as we came here together. 


We came to light up the world, and usher in this time of transition. We are the light in the dark, and it’s time to transmute those last bits of fear, into love and forgiveness of our past “junk,” and envision a world where there is no war, there is no destruction, and we really will one day say, “we’re living in the Golden Age of Humanity of peace, love, light, and joy.

Can you imagine that we once had hate?”

The Shift is upon us…Time to let go, surrender, and leave the “junk” at the door!

It’s a New Moon, are you ready to receive your NEW MEDICINE?

The Door is now open.  Are you ready to enter?

Song Bird Grand Mother

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