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Light as a Feather


Walk as if the Earth is kissing your every step.

She is loving you, supporting you, and assisting you with each breath.

Even if you don’t believe it, imagine this if you will.


The essence  of your love is one and the same.

In this moment, feel the love from the Divine Mother.

She loves you.

As you surrender into this moment, trust that all is in order.


Become Light as a Feather.

Release all your worries, woes, foes, and joys.

Become the essence of love.

The true love within you, asking to be held.

Become timeless, boundless, and still.

Listen to the quietness of a world on fire.

Find the beauty of all of life’s up’s and downs.


To become the feather is to flow with existence.

Be Light, Be Pure, Be You.

Stay true.


There is only one you.

Live that life,

No one but you can kiss as you do.


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