October 11, 2014


Song Bird Grand Mother is a Modern Day Medicine Woman,

Seer, Artist, and Poet.

Born in Denver, Colorado as “Stephanie Garcia,” Song, Bird was born with an antenna to the Spirit World. Coming from a mixed heritage of Korean, Dine, Apache, and Meso-American lineages, Song Bird grew up in a multi-cultural household and learned the beauty of the old ways and values that shaped the spiritual work that she offers.
As a child, she would see things before they would happen, speak wisdom way beyond her years, and was a natural counselor for friends, family, and strangers. She had a natural gift and love for music and excelled in art, creativity, and writing.
After High School, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology, lived overseas in Korea teaching English, traveled the world, taught at a community college, and received her Master of Humanities degree in Ancient Philosophy and Religion. in her final Master’s project she wrote an in-depth cultural study on Shamanism across the world, and how it relates in the modern world for the Urban Shaman. 
In April of 2013, after years of facilitating intuitive sessions, and meditation classes at a wellness center she owned, Song Bird was initiated into the medicine ways through ceremony where she connected with “Grand Mother,” the ancient mother now known as Mother Earth. This is where she was given her Spiritual Name “Song Bird Grand Mother” and title “Modern Day Medicine Woman.” Within one month, she gave away most of her possessions in Colorado, and followed her ancestors guidance and moved to Sedona Arizona a sacred place to her ancestors.
As a Modern Day Medicine Woman, she conducts ceremonies and private intuitive sessions with people from all over the world. Her ceremonies are a blend of wisdom teachings, messages from the Ancestors, drumming, and spiritual counseling for those who desire to bridge the material with the spiritual in an authentic way.
She specializes in working with business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and other “legacy holders,” who know they have a deep calling to be the change in the world.
Song Bird uses her Spiritual gifts to teach others how to find their own clarity, truth, and connect to their ancestors in authentic and ancient ways. 
She does not teach cultural ways for others to sell, or use in inappropriate ways. Indigenous Spirituality is for those who are part of a tribe and are reserved for those of the lineages they are born into.
With over 20 years in the healing arts, Song Bird Grand Mother is an ambassador and connector of ancient ways for these modern times. She has traveled the world sharing sacred messages and transformational healing.