Moments of Pause

There are moments in our life when everything stops. When no matter the push, nothing moves forward.

Moments when your health takes a turn, moments when relationships take a back seat, moments when life gets really quiet.

We in the West are conditioned to keep going. Keep pushing. Keep doing. But, what happens when all the “doing” leads to dead-ends?

What if no matter the push, the greater plan, says, “no, not right now.”

We can stay in the “busy-ness” or we can stop, reflect, and go with the pause.

Sometimes no matter how hard we “try” things just don’t work out.

The job you wanted falls through, the relationship you devoted yourself to ends, and/or your health will at some point ask you to stop and care for yourself.

When life throws us a “pause” it’s a perfect opportunity to go deeper into our journey. To stand still, and ask ourselves the harder questions that the “busy-ness” masks.

How do you know you’re in a life pause?

Everything goes quiet. Life starts canceling events, friends disappear, business slows down. Things just go dormant. Just like trees go quiet and rest in the Winter, we too go through the “winters” of life.

In astrology they call these “Retrogrades,” in music they call these “rests,” without these “rests” music would lack depth, character, and dimension.

Pauses are moments when life prepares us for a greater tomorrow.

Sometimes these pauses last a day, sometimes a week, sometimes months, even years. They will wax and wane. If we ignore the pauses things will build up.

It’s better to listen as the messages are quiet than avoiding the pauses and let them build up.

Life is always speaking to us. The better we are at listening, the easier the moments of pause will be.

When it’s time to pause–pause.

During moments of pause we find clarity, direction, purpose, and wisdom.

Let the pauses of your life lead you to your highest calling, and enjoy them.

Because after every pause, there is action. The deeper the pause, the more action to come.

Life is a wave, the deeper we ride, the more we live.

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