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New & Full Moon Ceremonies


Are you ready to own your gifts, talents, and purpose? Come sit by the fire and own your uniqueness, power, and truth.

About this Event

For this ceremony we will go deeper into the fires of your personal medicine. 

What are your unique gifts that only you are here to share?

How best can you share these gifts for yourself, your family, and the world? 

On this new moon we will honor the ancestors, do creative exercises that will spark inspiration and insight for you, and cleanse away any blockages that you have around owning your power.

We will discuss the ancient teachings around “medicine” and how each person is born with a specific medicine that once known and activated becomes your life mission, purpose, and destiny. 

In this ceremony, we will activate your new moon intentions, and call forward ancestral and spiritual guidance to assist you as you move forward into the next steps of your life. 

This ceremony will be outside, unless the weather prohibits then we will be inside.

Things to bring for the altar:

*Pictures and/or relics from your ancestors. (Anyone close to you that has died) Can include pets, grandparents, parents, friends, and distant relatives.

*Flowers, crystals, and anything you would like charged in the energy.

*Food and/or drink that your ancestors enjoyed.

*Any other items of significance that you feel will add to the energy.

Things to bring for you:

*Blanket and/or layers of clothes.

*Pillow or something to sit on if needed. Chairs are provided, but most of the ceremony is sitting so be prepared.


It is proper protocol to bring an herb as a gift for the ceremony.

Loose leaf tobacco, sage, mugwort, palo santo, lavender, and/or any other herb or essential oil you feel called to bring. Your gift is used in future ceremonies, and keeps you in ceremony after you have left.

If you have any questions:

Call or text Song Bird at: 928-821-6380