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Relax, Heal, and Re-Connect

Now is the time to Relax, Heal, and Re-Connect.

Water is our most precious resource. We are water, our bodies are mostly water, our emotions move with the energies of water, we are cleansed, healed, and made whole by her.

Water is not outside of us, she is within us.

She is medicine.

The most important element we drink in.

The quality of our lives depend on the quality of our water. All ancients knew this, taught this, and have carried this wisdom forward. Only in the name of greed, control, separation and Fear has water became a commodity, a “resource” that can be bought and sold.

Water is freely given by Grand Mother Earth.

She gives her blood for her children. It nourishes us and sustains us. Water is our survival without it we cannot live.

To truly relax, heal, and re-connect we must return to the water. The sacred water within. Our ancient wisdom that is in our DNA. Healing is the restoration of our ancient power, our inner resources, and our eternal nature.

We must return to the Sacred Mother. She who births all life in sacred union with our Divine Father. The masculine and feminine are within us all. We are but a part of a bigger whole.

We are just ants gone crazy at this time.

When you observe how ants move and work, you will notice a flow, an ease in community. Each has purpose, reason, and moves in solidarity. When humanity restores our connection to the sacred, we too will move like the mighty ant.

We will not think, we will love.

Today’s invitation is to Relax, Heal, and Re-Connect to your ancient waters within. To bless the water you drink, the water around you, to bathe in her medicine, and to heal.

Still Waters Run Deep,

Happy New Moon!

Song Bird Grand Mother

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