June 26, 2015

Private Sessions & Ceremonies

Song Bird Grand Mother Is a bridge from the Spiritual to the Material, she receives wisdom and guidance to help you in the most important areas of your life. She can help you embrace and heal your shadow to truly live in the light.

These sessions offer spiritual counseling, guidance, healing, and teachings that can help transform where you are now– to where you desire to be. Each session is an opportunity for you to look deeper into your life to heal yourself and your loved ones.

These sessions are intimate, deep, healing, and above all else transformational. Remote sessions are done via e-mail, zoom or telephone. In-person ceremonies are done in Sedona, AZ.

“Song Bird Grand Mother is an amazing, skilled practitioner; she is genuine, generous, and gentle, a wonderful facilitator of soulful exploration, knowledgeable yet humble, and concerned with the fate of humanity. I highly recommend her for ceremony and ritual.”


~Sarah McKelvey

Ancestral Healing, Clearing, & Connection

Do you want to connect with past loved ones, get to the root of ancestral trauma and/or clear your lineage? 

These Ancestral readings go beyond just connecting with your ancestors, but allow you to become the healer and master of your lineage. Ancestral and generational trauma doesn’t stop until we clear the sorrow, pain, tragedy, and suffering of those who walked before us. In clearing, understanding, and loving all these parts of our DNA we clear seven generations forward, and seven generations backwards. We free the ancestors who died in tragedy and trauma that still “haunt” our lives, and we clear the suffering for the generations to come. 

Intuitive Sessions 

In these sessions we connect to specific areas in your life such as family, business/career, love and relationships, health and wellness, your spiritual journey and more. The beginning of these sessions start with a shamanic blessing, and a general reading of where you are and the messages that want to come forward.

All I can say is you were meant for me at a very transformational time in my life thank you, thank you


Thank you! It was a beautiful reading and exactly every answer my heart needed to know!


~Teresa Anderson 

Shamanic Journey’s

These are Guided Journey’s for those wanting to experience and make contact with their inner world. We can go to either the shadow for clearing fears, and programming stopping you from courage and power, or take a journey into the light of who you are to manifest your highest destiny. For those who want to do bigger work and integrate their shadow and light, we can go deeper into both worlds and see what is inside of you wanting to express itself. These are healing journey’s using drumming, sacred sounds, guided words, and insights on how to read the symbols of the spiritual worlds, and how to heal yourself using the power within. 


Preferred Payment Methods:

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If you do not have any of the above apps then upon scheduling you will be sent a link to pay via credit card.

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Gratuity is appreciated on credit card transactions. 

Are you ready to dive in? 

Let’s Schedule a One-on-One and begin the journey

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Please note that after 15 minutes of no call/no show for any service you are considered a no show. If you have technical issues please call/text/or email your delay, so that other arrangements can be made. If meeting in-person and you are running late, please call or text.

*If you do not call/text/or email than you are a no show.

*If you are a no call/no show and wish to reschedule for another time, there is a $50 fee to reschedule.

Thank you for honoring the sacred space with your respect and courtesy. 

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