Saying Goodbye Healing the Loss of a Pet

Ohhh….those cute furry animals.
The dogs, cats, lizards, etc… you name it, someone most likely has–or– has had that as a pet.For those who embrace those “master teachers” into our lives, the hardest thing is to say “goodbye.”

I have noticed thorough this time of transition and change, even our beloved pets are going through their own “transitions,” some are getting “sick” out of “nowhere,” and are choosing to “go home.” Others are just feeling the intense energies of the planet.

This message is for all of you who have furry ones who you call “family,” and are in the “transition” process.

“The portal is now open for awakening, ascension, change, and new beginnings.”

The animal kingdom, no matter how “domesticated,” they become, or how “out of touch with nature,” they become, are still tapped into their “ancient instincts,” and “wisdom,” they follow the energies of the “ley lines,” and the call of their “intuition,” fully and completely.

If you have a pet family member, going through “transition,” maybe they are losing that “pep in their step,” “not eating like usual,” and/or in the last moments of this life.

To truly “tap into” this frequency requires us to put down guilt, shame, and worry, and go into this “animalistic”part within ourselves where “telepathic communication,” lives. It is in the part of us so deep, and instinctual, that it is like breathing itself.

Breathing requires a complete trust, faith, and knowing that your body knows what it is doing.
No one on the planet says, “can you teach me how to breathe?”

You can learn “breathing techniques,” but the basic fuction of inhaling and exhaling, your body does on autopilot.

It’s something your born with.

Intuitive and psychic senses are also something you are “born with.” Unlike those “cover girl” commercials that stated, “maybe she’s born with it,” to sell make-up and artificial beauty enhancements. Intuitive Wisdom and psychic senses is something we are actually born with.

The question is, “can you clear your mind enough to hear the inner whisperings of your soul?”

That is the key.

As your pet goes through transitions, waves, and changes in his/her behavior, tap into their energy.


What do they most need from me at this time?

Maybe it is a change in diet?
Maybe all you can do is help them through the next doorways?

Tap in.


You will be led to the right actions.

Your pet will communicate what he/she needs, when we fully listen with all senses.

What to do when your pet is dying?

There are a lot of pets at this time who are coming to the end of this incarnation. They have served their time on this planet and have completed their “contract” with you and your family. This is a “graduation” and marks a very important and sacred time for you. They are “Freeing” you of your physical responsibilities to them at this time, and it is a very sacred time.

It is also a very sad, and heartbreakingly awful time too.

Pets give so much joy, laughter, and beauty to our lives, and when they leave, it is a feeling of despair unlike any other. As someone who takes on the “responsibility” and “honor” of having a pet, the knowing is that one day that pet will break your heart and leave.

This is the circle of life.

In the end, ask your pet, how he/she would like to transition?

A lot of times we rush to “euthanasia,” because it is the “humane” thing to do, and yet, as with life, there is a process to death.

Going through the “natural” process of death is sometimes what your pet will want most.

Some pets will naturally transition and it may take a little longer but “euthanasia,” will not be necessary. Others cannot  “let go” of their bodies. Euthanasia maybe what they prefer. Tune in, and prepare for their departure. Share your love with them, and make them as comfortable as possible.

Ask your pet what they need. You will know. And, trust that this is the decision they are choosing.

Often times when we do choose, “euthanasia,” there can be more added hurt due to “guilt,” or “doubt,” do not doubt the information coming from your connection. You know your pet better than anyone, and you have an unbreakable bond that will lead you forward.

When I was in my undergraduate studies in psychology, I was required to do a semester research project. I have always had a great interest in the mysteries of death, and I decided to conduct a research experiment on “death and early childhood experiences.” I researched people from 3 different age groups of young, middle age, and elder, and what I found was quite interesting.

The results showed that there was a strong correlation between “the death of a pet,” and later ideas and beliefs around death. When people experience “the death of a pet,” as a child they were more likely to “fear death,” and it was far more devastating than the other categories like “death of grandparent.” What I found most interesting about this, was that the reason it was so “devastating,” was the lack of “ritual” and/or “Ceremony,” around the death of a pet. Most explained that when they’re pet died, there was no explanation, and/or closure, and they felt that death was “final,” and “the end.” There was no resolution to, “what happens when we die.”

As children we are so connected with our family pets, and when they die, there is no closure in many cases. Because we live in a culture that is so afraid of death, and there is oftentimes no “real closure,” we become “afraid” of the afterlife. This is because many have lost their “ancestors wisdom,” the teachings of “The Great Mystery,” and the process of death.

Another interesting thing about this research was that I had so many people who wanted to be in my research group. While some of my classmates struggled to find participants, I had an abundance of people. This showed me that people want to talk about this, they want to know more about death, and share their experiences with it.

As we go forward into new beginnings, changes, transitions, earth shifts, and awakening, pets will come into the portals of life, and they will exit into the portal of death. In the middle, they may have times of change, they may experience aches, pains, and they too go through the process of aging.

Tap into what they need, and what you need, and try to move through these transitions as gracefully as possible.

Death and grief, are huge parts of this thing we call, “life.” No one “gets out alive,” and everyone will experience grief.

Grief is part of life. Life is part of grief. It is why we came. To feel it, experience it, and release it.

If you are someone who is in the process of transition with your pet, be good to you. Take it easy. Don’t share your grief unless you are in a sacred space. Try not to be too hard on those who are “strange about death.” Sometimes the hardest thing about losing someone you love, is the reaction of people around you.

“Are you okay?”
“Well he/she was old.”
“They are in a better place now.”

Those generic statements, well intentioned, often times just add more pain and suffering to someone grieving.

Because we live in a culture that doesn’t embrace death, and has lost the ancestral wisdom around it, these are the “typical” responses we hear.

Instead of adding frustration to your life, just accept these answers, and look to those who truly love you and will nurture you. If there is “no one,” then the asking is for you to “nurture you,” and move through this transition as only you can.

Healing from the loss of your pet will be a process. It will come in waves. The hardest will be coming home and experiencing that “empty” feeling. Keep your memory of them alive. Remember the good times, not the last moments. Which are always the hardest moments.

Cry, release, and have a closing ceremony. A funeral, memorial, some offering to honor their life, and what they meant to you. Especially if you have kids. This is an important life teaching moment, one that I have scientific proof will influence how they feel about death growing up. 

If we honor all the cycles, we will fear none of them.

For all cycles are sacred.

All parts of our existence from birth to death are sacred.

Our pets are part of this honoring of the sacred.

Death is coming for many at this time. When a pet transitions out of our life, it is something we always remember. They become “time markers,” of the chapters in our life, and they serve as important aspects of “self.”

They are the most beautiful, loving, and honorable of all beings. They teach us loyalty, unconditional love, fun, balance, and their beauty is a gift.

Anyone who has a pet knows that they are more than “family,” they are home.

They are peace keepers, and bridges to the unknown.

It’s time to go deeper into our communications with them, trusting our knowing, that will lead them in and through whatever “transition” is to come.

This is for all the beautiful pet guardians. May you and your pets continue to “serve humanity” with love and joy.

For all those who have recently, or are going through this transition cycle; trust and know that “love will carry you through.”

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye Healing the Loss of a Pet

  • I was so deeply blessed that my Gracie stayed right in my bed and I could hold her paw hand during the night before she passed and then the next night when she just went over. She was only 9 years old, never went to a vet, never went outside, just fed off my light. I have left out a toy in the living room for her, and I still say, “goodnight Gracie” to her before I got to sleep, as I always did. I miss her, but she is still in our home in spirit.

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