The Shaman’s Death

Light and Dark, Good and Evil.

Right and Wrong.

Love and Fear.

Death and Rebirth.

Spirit and Ego

These are some of the many polarities that we as human beings face on a daily basis. We are confronted with values, morality, decisions, choices, and most, if not all, reflect polarities.

This magnetic, attractive, and seemingly simple/complex world is all based on this theory of polarity or opposites. As we enter into this new era, we are confronted with a new reality.

What if there was no opposite?

What if every decision, choice, risk we take has no consequences but the outcome we desire?

What if like really does attract like?

What if we could take our Ego’s judgement out of the equation and just live?

What if we could love ourselves and the planet so much we wouldn’t harm, but help our fellow traveler?

In these times of transition and change, so many are struggling with massive fear.

Fear of money. Fear of Love. Fear of courage. Fear of change. Fear is not of spirit.

Fear is in fact the Ego challenging, and discouraging the spirit to change and grow. Spirit was born to be free and effortless, where as the mind holds on– and is afraid to change.

It is the old grumpy man/woman in our heads that has been there since childhood!

Whatever patterns, behaviors, norms, that we experienced as children, the ego enjoys and never grows up. It will show up in the oddest situations, play the same message all day and night, and it can cause some to be stuck needlessly.

It is in fact the polar opposite of spirit. If you are cognizant of this, and pay attention to your emotions and moods; be a detective of your own life, you will definitely experience the difference between, Spirit and Ego!

Spirit says things like: “I want to take a bath and enjoy some me time.” “I want a vacation!” Whereas, Ego says: “Bath? I don’t have time for a bath. I have XYZ to do? What a waste of time.” “Vacation? I don’t have money for that.”

Spirit is nurturing and freeing. It receives and gently nudges.

Ego is usually critical or self-fulfilling and loud. It acts or does. Some other terms would be

Intuition vs Reasoning. Feminine vs. Masculine. Both, Ego and Spirit, often get a bad rap.

Sometimes too much of a good thing is really not a good thing!

Like Buddha and many mystics taught the “middle way is the way,” we must have both to live a balanced life. When one of these two gets too much power, life becomes very interesting!!!

When the Spirit takes over, it will feel as if our life is really coming together. We may throw risk and caution to the wind. Falling in love. Traveling the world. Quitting a job. Moving across country.

All are great and require great risk usually. The Ego will often have a hay day with all these changes, doubting and questioning every decision.

If balance and moderation are applied with Spirit and Ego the right decisions are made and the risks are justified and appropriate action steps are taken. If the Spirit throws all caution to the wind, and completely ignores the Ego, the ride just might be bumpy and treacherous.

In the opposite way, if the Ego’s in charge, it’s more reasoning, judgment, and fear.

Usually that big decision will be procrastinated, tormented, and stuck for much longer than necessary. The Ego is the scared child within us all, that just wants Mommie or Daddy to help us.

It doesn’t make decisions without judgment, reasoning, and old patterns; whereas, Spirit is all about exploration, fun, and our soul path.

This dynamic within us all is complex, beautiful, and seemingly endless.

We have talk shows, advice columns, and many empires built on theories, beliefs, and ideas on Spirit and Ego.

It is a fascinating topic!

It becomes the center of our lives and rules everything we do. In order for the Ego and Spirit to really live together and help us instead of harm us.

We need to die the Shamans Death.

Which is the killing of the Ego’s old patterns and behaviors.

In the old ways, to be a healer one must die. The way to do this was through initiations that were brutal and required endurance and strength.

One might have to be buried in a burial hole on a stranded mountain, alone with no one to save him/her. Strange animal sounds, ghosts, and spirits would come to test the initiate.

In biblical times the mystic would go into the desert, to emerge as Awakened.

Through this initiation, the initiate’s Ego and Spirit had to merge and the old parts of the Ego had to die in order to work with and nurture the Spirit.

This “Shaman’s Death” occurs over and over, lifetime after lifetime.

With each “shedding” a new person evolves, and new names are given, and new lives are lived.

As the Shaman emerges, a new beingness comes in.

One who is able to feel compassion, grace, and intuitively know how to heal another.

The mind and heart are clear after each purging, and love shines through each pore.

From this place “effort” is no more.

Everything is flowing in harmony.

In joy.

In peace.

Wholeness once again.

This is the gift of death and rebirth. The shamans death is one where  massive struggle transforms and purifies your mind and heart.

Like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon completely transformed. Ego and Spirit become friends and rely on each other.

They form complete trust in each other and have a sacred marriage. Working together to be the hands of Great Spirit and helping this planet achieve world peace and love.

It is our grandest challenge and power now to embrace the Shamans death and shed the parts of ourselves that no longer belong.

The doubt, confusion, hurt, un-forgiveness, pain, lack, mistrust and so forth must be abolished. So, that a new confident, beautiful, loving, peaceful You can emerge.

One who listens when spirit speaks, and acts as Ego requests. One that loves and appreciates the value and trust the Ego has to make wise decisions and support the Spirit with decisions and requests.

One that thinks, and feels, and then acts accordingly. The Ego and Spirit want to dance together, not out of synch, but in-synch.

They want to play and enjoy this life together. The only way of doing this is to take the plunge and explore the parts of self that need to die the Shamans death.

As you go through your “Shaman’s Death” notice the signs from nature. What “Medicine” is coming into your path for your growth and transformation? Was the animal living or dead? These messengers come to us to help us shed, release, heal, and believe.

Below are some Animal’s that often come during transformation.

Some of the Animal Totems that assist in the Shamans Death:


Snake-Transition, death, rebirth, transmutation, shedding the old

Fox-Blessings, Cleverness, Shrewdness

Butterfly-Transformation, new love, joy, health

Horse-Power, Balance, Strength

Cobra Snake-Swiftness, decisions, actions

Bee-Fertility, sweetness, love

Dragonfly-New gateways, trust, illusions parting

Wolf-Listen to intuition, Guidance, and guardianship

Crow-Magic, energy, the wayshower

Ant-Patience, working together, community

Eagle-Vision, power, strength, freedom

Bear-Hibernation, Strength, Cycles

Spider-Fate, Weaver of words, writing, ancient wisdom

Chameleon-Changing environment, camouflage

Coyote-Wisdom, Humor, and Trickster

Bat-New truths, Perceptions, Sacrifices

Peacock-New Cycle, Death and Resurrection

Owl-Guidance, Vision, Wisdom

Any animal you encounter is a sacred messenger. Write down all the creatures big, medium, or small and what they were doing for you. Also include how you felt, symbolism, and meaning.

You can look up the meaning of the animal on-line or in a book. But, try to just tune into their energy and frequency.

What were they doing when you saw them?

What was the energy they were sharing with you.

Every animal comes with an intention for you. Reading the intentions is half the journey!

Blessings on your transformation.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Song Bird Grand Mother
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