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Sing Your Ancient Song Again

Hello Family,

What would the world be with no bird song?

I invite you to imagine such a world.



A world with no sound from the song birds who come and sing their precious song, flying from branch to branch, eating, drinking, and raising their young in perfect harmony.

I once asked this question, and the woman I asked, said “I know exactly what that’s like, that’s eerie and strange.”

She proceeded to tell me about a time she lived in a remote part of China where over one hundred years ago, the government ordered to have a specific type of bug that was abundant in the area to be exterminated. There was no threat from this bug, or reason to kill this bug, but the decision was made, and has left that part of the world barren with no song.

That one decision, impacted nature  to the point of extinction. In that part of the world, there are no song birds. With the extermination of their food, they had no choice but to fly away or die.

She went on to say, “that with the killing of that bug, everything suffered, and very little of the original ecosystem exists now.”

One decision over a century ago, has left this part of the world with no song.

Just like humanity right now. We too have the choice to remember our song, or continue to kill the Earth; thereby killing our soul.



If you are reading this, you are the AWAKENED.

What does this mean?



It means you are awake. Don’t go back to sleep. Go forward now.

Awakening has many stages, it ebbs it flows, and it is a choice we all have to make at some point.

It requires listening and seeing life with both eyes wide open.

It is a daily commitment to stay in the present moment, and remember love in every step of decision making.

The way in and through is in the remembering of who you are, and what life you choose to live.

We as a human species are at a crossroad.



Do we choose to live asleep, or are we going to rise into our souls song, and sing that song to transform the world. 

Nature is connected, and so are we.



What we do to one part of the web, effects and greatly impacts all parts of the web.

Sooner or later, the awakened will be everyone.

Right now, it’s just starting to amp up. Sleepy time is over. The song birds are singing, and calling other song birds to come join the choir.

This calling today, is for you too, to start singing.



For in singing your song, your flock will find you, and together we become one song.

Have you ever wondered, why the birds and animals seem to just know their purpose?

A bird never stops to wonder, why am I singing?



The bird knows, lives, and flies with their truth from birth to death. 



It’s time to reclaim, live, and remember your song.


The song of your soul,

The song of your ancestors,

The song of your heart.


That ancient song within you that knowns no space, time, boundaries, or struggle.

The song you were born singing.

That’s the song; the song bird within you, is crying to hear.

At this juncture in our human evolution; it’s time to sing that song.


Why is this important?


Because it will reconnect that ancient part within you that knows where to go, what to do, and when to do it. Just like the song bird, you have a song.

A unique song, a song given to you from the Divine Mother, your Mother, and at this time, it would do you good to spend time bringing in that song.


How do you do this?

Start in the silence.

Start with where you are.

Take time everyday, and focus on, “What is my song?” 

And, start singing.

Don’t think, just sing!

Start humming. Start drumming. Start speaking. Just start.  

It will take some practice, so just allow the space and time for your song.   



Once you start, you won’t stop.

The awakening is a return to this ancient soul song. For this song was given to each soul and is your inheritance.

In ancient times, each person was taught their “family song,” and passed this information down along with wisdom from the ancestors.

In this time of “lost records” it’s time to re-claim, and own your song.



For in the re-claiming of this “song” you will bring back a sweet sound the Earth has been crying to hear once again. 



This song is joy.

This song is love.

This song is truth.

This song is trust.

This song is beautiful.

This song is you.



I look forward to hearing this song, and when you’re ready let’s sing together.



Happy Solstice.



May your song go far and wide,


Love and Blessings,


Song Bird Grand Mother


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