Step Forward

The time has come for those who are ready, willing, and able to Step Forward.

Are you an outcast, black sheep, thought provoking person who has never fit in?

Do you see things before they happen? Yet, no one seems to believe you?

Have you always felt like you have a greater, grander purpose, but haven’t managed to manifest it into reality?

Well, good news, this is your time.

As the world shakes and bakes into it’s next evolution, the black sheep, spiritual warriors of the world are now activating to the next level of their soul mission and soul contracts.

Is this you? It’s time to step it up, move it forward, and own your power.

The world needs you.

Your voice, your uniqueness, your talents are here to bring the world into Unity consciousness.

The false light, the false darkness are now fading, to reveal crystal clear visions and prophecies of truth.

Own this truth that you know you are here to do.

Do not coward in the dark, play around in the shadows, get caught in sticky webs.

Rather, now, step forward as the leader, the innovator, the creator, and the wise one you are.

It’s the calling of lifetime. Will you step forward?


Will you step backward?

Stepping forward means owning your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wealth.

It is the full acceptance into why you came here– at this time of great transition and change.

The world is shifting, the stage is changing, and those who are sleeping to the “reality” are going to be left behind. This is the time the world divides between the “haves and the have nots.” This have and have not situation has nothing to do with what you own in possessions, but rather what do you give and contribute to the creation of this new world.

The new currency is spiritual currency. It is spiritual wisdom, spiritual knowledge, ancient technology, and electricity. This is the new currency. This cannot be bought, bartered, or traded, but it can be activated, ignited, and sparked.

A candle unto a candle is how the world ignites. I light your candle, you light the next person’s and so on. Until the world is lit up with their ancient truth and wisdom.

This juncture is very serious. For those who cannot “upgrade” will be lost in the technology boom that is about to happen. The new digital “currency” is going to shut down and shut out a large population.

Those who can adapt and become adept in these new technologies will thrive, or be forced into the “new concentration” camps of our time., The First Nations know too well what these “war camps” are, those trapped in the “ghettos” know what this is.

If you do not want to be part of the technology wave, this means you will have to be fully sovereign, growing your own food, having your own electrical grid, giving up internet, smart phones, and living “off grid” in designated spots that are “technology free,” and you will return to the “pioneer” days. You only eat when you work the land. This will be a dreamland for some, and prison for others. It depends on how well you are prepared. If you have been living like this for generations it will not be hard, but if you have never planted a seed, never hauled your own water, and/or lived in “poverty,” this will not be easy in anyway.

Everything is mind. The first law of alchemy. And, at this juncture point, this has never been more true.

There are many “plagues” to come. Look into the “plagues of Egypt” and the ancient texts that speak or these times, and you will see the blueprint of what’s to come.

All of these “plagues” are here to push us forward. Get up, stand up, and thrive or die. This is Mother Nature, and the Divine Blueprint in motion. It is all pushing us to own who we are, why we came here, and move beyond the illusions.

Many waves of changes are to come, and those who can move and thrive in the waves of change, will emerge as the leaders and bringers of the new systems.

As things collapse and collide, we will all have to face the reality of the choices we make.

Do we wish to hold onto our world as it is, and receive the crumbs and pennies that it offers? AKA “welfare,” “univeral basic income,” and “social programs.” 


Will we step forward with the moving waves, own our position, and bring forward the gifts within to create the new systems that serve humanity?   (New Business, new creations, new innovative technology)

Will we use technology as a tool to help others and bring forward a harmonious balanced world?


Will we completely walk away and go back in time?

Whatever choice one makes, determines a whole new world.

For to live in the current system, means you will abide by the “rules” set forward. There is no freedom when you are dependent on anything outside of yourself.

For in this time everything will move digital. The internet is the “inner-net” the satellites have been launched, the set has been staged, while everyone was distracted, complaining, and pointing the finger, the new stage has been set.

All the players put in position, all the laws moved forward, and the new technology has been set in place.

It’s the chess game of look over here, while we do this over here.

The check mate is ready to be called. Your personal opinion matters not. Survival is about adaptation. Those who adapt and make moves from their spirit (consciousness), thrive and find opportunities where others see none.

This is the time of the GREATEST Wealth distribution ever. This is the time for those who move in the new ways, adapt, own their truth, and accept change as it rolls in, not getting attached and/or stuck in the “illusions” will find this New World is everything they ever wanted.

It is up to each one of us to choose from our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.

You have a soul contract to fulfill. Accept your mission, and know that the old is gone. Let it be gone.

Now step forward, own your truth, own your power, own your plan.

Above and beyond anything,

Trust Yourself,

Trust Creation.

Trust you are and will always be in the “right place, at the right time.”

Let love be your guide, fear nothing, and accept your destiny.

Grand Mother is home. She has set the hero’s and villians in place to push us ALL into our greatest and grandest futures.

All we have to do is come together, honor the Earth, and accept our highest calling.

Whether you choose the new technology or choose to walk away, matters not.

All that matters is that you choose from your heart. Listen to the silence.

That is where all the answers you seek are.

Look Within, Own your Truth, and Take Action NOW.

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