Summer Solstice Ceremony-Lakewood Colorado

This Solstice ceremony we will turn the page and come together for healing, community, and activating inner and outer wealth in these changing times. Come and release your burdens, and get clarity on the way forward.

In this ceremony, we will transform the burdens of suffering, and honor the cyclical turning to welcome in the new sun of summer.
Release, renew, and cleanse with healing rituals, community, and spiritual rejuvenation.
We will focus on:
*Rituals to activate your Soul Path
*Shamanic Journey with drumming and singing

Things to bring:
*Pillow or cushion to sit on
*Wear Comfortable clothes
* An offering for facilitator of sage, palo santo, mugwort, tobacco, cedar, or another healing herb

Cost is $33

Purchase your ticket at:


Venmo: Song Bird Grand Mother
Pay with exact cash at Event

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