Grief The Greatest Awakener

At some point, if you live long enough, grief will come knocking at your door. The death of a loved one is perhaps the greatest awakener of the heart. Death, loss, divorce, and endings, often trigger this underlaying energy that is weaved into our existence. The greater the grief the bigger the awakening. Death is Read more about Grief The Greatest Awakener[…]

The Year of the Earth Pig-2019

The Year of the Earth Pig February 5, 2019 The year of preparation. This is a slower year. The pig rolls around in the mud awhile before it moves forward. The pig loves to hoard, and rejoice in the abundance of the Earth.  The pig is a year to go back to the Earth and Read more about The Year of the Earth Pig-2019[…]

What is The GateWay to Trust-Meditation

  One of the biggest lessons on my journey of living from my heart has been to Trust.   I used to think the world was out to get me, like I had to be perfect, and that I attracted things to me because somehow I did something wrong. Whether it was from this life Read more about What is The GateWay to Trust-Meditation[…]