Equinox, Shifting Winds, New Timelines

Hello Soul Family, The time has come for a shift of the season. As we now take time to adjust to the change at hand, it is a good time to meditate on your path forward. The past 3 months have been a time of deep “house cleaning,” globally, collectively, and individually. This has been Read more about Equinox, Shifting Winds, New Timelines[…]

Welcome to September! Time to Re-Charge Revelations are Coming

Hello Brother’s and Sisters, Here we meet just after the turn of September. Here in Sedona we had a marvelous rain storm with thunder and lightning. The refreshing rain reminded me of the new growth and beginnings on the horizon. September is the time of the harvest. It’s decision time. Many decisions shall be, will Read more about Welcome to September! Time to Re-Charge Revelations are Coming[…]

The Great Mystery

Hello Brother’s and Sisters, “You are not the wave, You are the ocean.” As I sit and receive the energy on the planet right now, I am feeling an ocean of pain, sorrow, despair, neediness, and crisis. In the distance sirens are ringing, and a sense of emergency is lingering in the air.  Life is turning up the Read more about The Great Mystery[…]