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The Earth is Our Mother

It’s time to bow to the Mother.

The Great Mother.

She gives us life,

She takes it too.

She nourishes, fills, and provides our every need.


She is who we call for when we are sick.

She lives inside the heart of all.


Her wisdom is deep.

Her truth is wide.

Her time has come again.

She is awakening in all.


She Whispers.

She beckons.

She Screams.

She is awakening.



Do you feel her call?

Are you ready for truth?





Listen within.


Are you tired of waiting for a change?

Start the change right now.


Be the one who will change your life.


Co-create and dance with the Mother.


Sit on her,

Enjoy her bounty.

Be in her beauty.


Give back to her by treating her softly.


The Mother is returning to her throne.

Reminding us all, who is boss.

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