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The Feminine is Leading the Way

Hello Brother’s and Sisters,

Here we meet again for another surge of energy, insight, and reflection.

Welcome to another couple of weeks of change and transformation. Here in Sedona we are experiencing one of our favorite times of the year as we  transform from the hot summer days to the cooler days and chilly evenings. It’s the perfect time for gathering with loved ones next to a cozy fire. Wherever you are, and however this email finds you, I pray that each one of you is well and protected as we now head into a new chapter.

Wherever you are, I’m sure you can feel that the world around us is definitely in need of lots of love and prayers. As we now are in the thresholds of a new beginning many concerns may arise as we are heading into a time of the unknown. A time of transformation, realization, and fresh starts.

In this moment, let us take a collective breath and begin again. The beauty of breath is that it is always in constant movement. Each moment we die. Each breath is a reminder to give in and give out. This is a beautiful reflection of the truth in life. In each moment we have the opportunity to release and receive.

Now is the time to open your heart and receive. In my meditations, dreams, reflections, insights, and connection with life, I see the world right now is feeling the effects of “enough is enough.” People are “waking up” from their cozy slumbers. The world feels as if it is tipping on it’s final axis point. Sometimes it may seem as if left is right, and right is left. The mind thoughts are weighing on the collective and pushing us all into a new way of living. The old aggressive war like mentality is running it’s course, and as we the people wake up, there is a fight against the old and the new. A push and pull between the mind and the heart.

The feminine versus the masculine energies.

This is all necessary for humanity to rise into balance. Imagine a world where we used our hearts and minds in unison to solve world suffering. What does it take? It takes transition, patience, listening, waiting, and acting.

The reminder for this time, and the invitation is to allow it all to be. Do not react. Instead reflect. When something comes into your consciousness ask,

“Is this for me?” Is this for me to work on?

Is this for me to champion?

Is this my heart calling?

If it is, sit in reflection and ask what action is there for you to take?

If not, send love and prayers, and move forward.

With all the problems, worries, challenges, despairs, it can become overwhelming and it’s easy to become indignant, overwhelmed, angry, and rebellious, and so on. All those feelings have their place, but built up energy without action becomes victimhood. Victimhood strips power and leads to an endless cycle of war and agression.

The invitation is to detach from the world as it is, and see it for the world it is becoming. All the conflict, tension, aggression, and war is coming into it’s final days. The feminine way is the way forward. This has nothing to do with who becomes president, or any other elected official. The pyramid structure of our world is crashing falling from the bottom up. There is no need to try to resurrect, fix it, or contribute to it’s demise. “Let the chips fall where they fall.”

Instead the invitation moving forward is to allow it to fall. Let it crumble. Focus on your own sovereignty.

What is the calling in your heart?

How can we as communities come together and locally produce sovereignty?


If WE focus on the “WE” WE shall prevail.

If WE focus on the “I” I will fail.


As we are now starting to see, “WE” are coming together. Whether it’s Water Protectors in South Dakota, Freedom protectors in the Middle East, or those fighting corruption in government, “We” are gathering around heart callings to make our world better. This is the feminine way. It takes a village, and in this case, a world to produce the change we wish to see and be in the world.

What does it mean to have the feminine lead the way?

Well first we have to examine, what is the Feminine’s nature?


Plain and simple, the feminine is a Creator she is the master creator. She creates with her body, her words, her ideas, and her being. By nature woman is the creator of life and beauty. She sees the beauty and builds worlds upon worlds within and around it. When the feminine is in her full power she is a giver, a nurturer, a communicator. By nature the feminine is soft and firm. She is the giver of life. The essence of water. When the feminine is in her authentic power she is living in her heart. She moves like a mystery weaving untold stories. She unites with others and becomes the center of the community. If you look at all ancient structures, the feminine was always in the center of home, business, and communities. The masculine in his full power is the builder, the architect, the power behind the creation.

One of my favorite rocks here in Sedona is bell rock. She is considered a powerful “vortex” spot and those who are sensitive can feel her energy immediately. Some can not climb her as her power is overwhelming. The greatest part of Bell rock is that she is part of an epic love story. For behind her and next to her, is her ancient lover “Court House Butte” he doesn’t get any of the attention or fame like she does, but you cannot go to Bell Rock without seeing him and experiencing their love energy. He quietly holds space for her, allows her to shine, and serves as a protector of her power. In many ways, I see these rocks as a perfect example of a balanced feminine and masculine. She creates energy and he protects it. There would be no Bell without Court House and no Court House without Bell. They are in perfect unison. They have been standing next to one another for millions of years. If they can do it, I believe we too can.

We each have a feminine and masculine within. In these times of transition and struggle, it’s time for us to rebalance and harmonize the feminine within. The master creator, connector, and nurturer balanced with the protector, lover, and fighter of the good.

For far too long the feminine balance has been out of order, out of sorts, dismayed, pushed to the side, and made to be weak. It’s time for all the women to rise into their power, and for all the men to allow the women to be heard, expressed, and acknowledge. We are in this together, the time of “I” is crashing to it’s knees. If you feel the call, let your heart lead you forward. Gather with those of like minds, and take action as guided. These are amazing and beautiful times.

Thank you for your great courage to stand up and live. You are the transformation, you are the answer, and you are not alone.

Until we meet again,


Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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