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The Grand Awakening of 2017

Hello Love Warriors,

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year. This is our first new moon of the year, a time of planting new seeds, going deeper within, and setting your intentions for this next coming year. We are now in the full breath of 2017, welcome to the new dawning of our world and ourselves.

Over the last few weeks, much has changed, shifted, and the energy is on fire with purification.
Women are rising up and coming together, and men are gathering to support and protect the sacred in new and amazing ways. There is also more shadow, highlighting what is not working, and bringing us closer to the “tipping point” where we break down the old, to bring in the new full force. All the fire of this year is moving us towards action, and clear purpose. All of this is necessary and good. Remember the good.

This is a faster paced year of moving in and through layers of resistance, fear, and everything that stops us from our greatness. It’s a year where the Phoenix or Fire Rooster is awakening within each person their call or mission in the world. During this first part of the year we are burning what no longer serves, owning our voices, and walking into the unknown. There will be lots of emotions, thoughts, and experiences that will help you to burn through the old fast and furious.

What you resists–persists.
Please remember this going forward. Do not engage in what doesn’t serve you, allow for the discomfort to wash over you, and purify what no longer feels good. This may include people, jobs, ideas, feelings, and situations that no longer feel good to you and your heart.

2017 is the year that seers and healers have known for a long time. For years, Spirit has told me to prepare for the “Grand Awakening” of 2017 and beyond. This is the year millions will wake-up. For years, I have been focusing on preparing healers, teachers, and light bearers for this time. Spirit has been speaking about the “teacher shortage” that we have, and that all teachers must be ready to step into their light and teach what they know. This is the time. If you have the calling to teach anything related to heart opening, spirituality, healing, relationships, or self-awareness, NOW is the time to own your platform. Take those first steps into the unknown, and know that there are millions of people waiting for your light. They may not all find you at once, but over the next crucial years and decades, this work of healing becomes pivotal as we EVOLVE as a human species.

This is the great awakening of our planet. This is the time we were born to shine, to take action, and to RISE up together. We have a big job to do, and we need everyone to stay strong, support one another, and go forward fearlessly. Take courage, be kind, help your neighbors, and allow the sweeping emotions to move in and through you. Meditate, go outside, take classes, get ready, grow yourself, and be involved. Say “yes” when opportunities emerge, even if they are way out of your comfort zone.

The time of sleeping is over, if you get tired–rest–and come back into your mission. Whatever calling you have in your heart, DO IT. This is the time when we need all heart centered awakeners to focus and gather. We need everyone on board as we cannot do this big work alone.

This is the time we go from “I” to WE and WE will RISE to create the new Earth we all desire. A world of peace, community, harmony, and love. A world where war doesn’t exist, and we live together in cooperation. It will take a lot of time, patience, and healing to create this world, but we on the “transition” team were born for this time.

Everyone’s calling is different, but 2017 is the year where millions will find their voice, purpose, and mission. Focus on what really calls you. Try not to get scattered. Take your time if you’re confused, and ask for help if you need it.

I am putting together new teachings, webinars, classes, and gatherings to assist us in community gathering, and have been told it’s time to put the wisdom teachings out into the world. These are sacred teachings that I have been reserving for the time when humanity would be ready to hear them. This is an exciting time of massive growth and beauty. Remember all that is still good and still pure. Love is the only thing real, in an un-real world. So, keep that close to you, and when you find yourself triggered or upset, breathe and go back to LOVE.

Going forward the Divine Feminine is rising and rising. The women are rising into their full breath and power, and the men are releasing all the years of oppressed and repressed feelings. We must work together as we both remove the layers of fear, hatred, and war mentality that has been programmed within us for thousands of years. This will only work if we stay in our hearts, and have the courage to be vulnerable. As we balance the light and dark, it will get messy at times, but at the end of every dark night there is light.

Hold onto the light now and help others when you can. 
Welcome to the end and the beginning, it’s all beautiful, and wonderful, and remember you are never alone. Reach out to the places your heart guides you, and you will find love waiting for you.
Love and blessings Love Warriors,

This is the Dawn of Aquarius, remember everything is Divine, and right on time.

Until we meet again,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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