The Great Conjunction is just the Beginning

Here we go into a Grand moment in our journey on this planet at this time and space.

This is a message for a few. If you are called to read this know that you are part of a cosmic plan; and YOU are here to bring back the wisdom from the stars. This is a different vibration than many of my other posts. This is for those who are on what I call, “Team Transition,” AKA the “Chosen Ones,” those who were here at the last shift.

We are a group of Souls here and coming in masses to bring forward and help Birth the Sixth Sun. The New Sun where Light becomes Dark. Yang becomes Yin, Fear becomes Love.

The Feminine is now coming into her full power. The feminine energy is what will lead the way now. The feminine is the receiving energy. The natural way of harmony. Nothing is “outside” of you in this New Sun. Everything is within you.

The only way to birth a “New Sun,” is to birth it within. Everything starts with a seed. A seed of creation, that sits in the womb for 9 months to gestate and develop. This is how everything births.

This 12/21/20 Grand Conjunction, gifts all the original “Star Seeds” as they are now known to birth that cosmic seed of their divinity.

This seed is YOUR Cosmic Destiny.

During this alignment, do not get distracted. Spend the 24 hours before and the 24 hours in as much creation energy as possible.

This is the 3 days of darkness, it is conception.

It is the time before Time.

Right now is the Void, the Mystery, the Source, the Creation.

The Ancient ancestors received the Original instructions on how to live on this planet. They spent every waking breath expanding their connection with the Universe, the Cosmos, and the walk here on Earth. These Original instructions have been hidden for over 500 years, and are now coming forward, and will continue to find the messengers and those of pure heart ready to receive their cosmic destiny, soul mission, and birth the new creations for this new time.

If you are reading this, then it is important for you to spend time in nature, and deep in your internal work. From now until May 21, 2021, it is of utmost importance for you to GROUND into your ancient DNA, and go deep into your spiritual practices of breath, holy walks, and good self-care.

Do not get distracted by the old world falling, see what you wish to see changed, and enter deep into the dream time of clearing, cleansing, and most importantly creation.

Clarify, purify, and become as pure as possible. This is not the time to go outside, but rather go inside. Those who are the “chosen ones,” have already been deep in their practices. The outside world “dissolved” long before this time, and so trust that you are prepared.

The masses of people living in the old reality will run their programs, until there are no more programs to run.

It is now up to the Original ones, the Ancient Ancestors who are now here, and coming more and more in the years to come. They are coming to reclaim, reteach, and release the ancient wisdom that is needed at this time. Many are here, many have been holding the torches, and keeping the secrets. One-by-one, they will come out and be seen for those who need those torches.

There are many bridges now, coming forward and clearing and rectifying the karma of their past. They will be helping those who are ready to cross into the New Sun, so they can receive New Keys to the New Sun.

This Shift is not a “government” shift, it is a Galactic and Cosmic shift. There is much to this shift that has yet to be revealed, but everything old is falling from now until 2026. The New Fire will be lit November 24, 2026.

Right now we are closing one cycle and begin a new cycle.

In this time you may experience and witness:

*Fear and chaos in the world outside of you.

*Death and Birth of people, places, aspects within yourself

*Deep ancestral pains and wounds clearing making space for new creation

*Earth Quakes and Natural events that will rock and shift the land and people

*Disturbances with technology, electronics, and electricity

*Food supplies running dry and in many places drying up as we return to Organic Food from the Earth

*Local communities declaring their Sovereignty, starting with food and moving into all arenas

*Everything hidden from the shadow of deception coming into the collective for clearing

*Massive protests and upheavals across the globe as the old and new fight and collide until they merge

*UFO and unusual skies especially the Red sky appearing more and more

*Economic uncertainty leading to new ways of living together

*The reuniting of Cosmic Rays” or what is often referred to as “Cosmic Lover’s” not to be confused with “Twin Flames”

*Soul missions coming full on board for the New Leaders of the Sixth Sun

*A total and complete overhaul of how we live on and honor the Mother Earth.

*Ancestors from 500 years returning and being birthed through the “Original Star Seeds” to bring back sacred wisdom

All of this is revealed in the most accurate calendar in the world, “Tōnalpōhualli,” the sacred calendar of the “Nahual” who are often referred to as the “Aztec” or “Toltecs,” who are much more ancient than these names or references with the oldest name the “Olmecs.” These ancient people hid the “treasures,” the “gold,” deep in the DNA of their descendants. These descendants are all over the world.

Right now, the DNA is calling them to “Remember who they are.” If you are reading this, you are one of those “descendants”

Your ancestors are now knocking. They are asking you to go back to the ancient ways. They are asking you to dig deep into your DNA and connect with them.

Go to the Four directions (East, South, West, & North), speak to the Four Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, and Water), and put your voice into creation.

Disconnect and reconnect to the natural laws of this Universe.

Speak to Grand Mother Earth, ask her to guide your foot steps, and dream a new dream.

The old Sun is setting. Soon the darkness will be all you see.

Can you see in the dark Sun?

Can you see in the darkness of who you are?

Is your light turned on, so you can see?

These are the questions of the night.

Grand Mother Earth sees no difference between life or death, creation and destruction, and light and dark. They are all part of this circle.

This dance of polarity and duality.

They are both to be embraced and danced with.

For with all destruction comes creation, for every dark night; there, is a bright day, and for all death there is life.

This is the time we see who the real Creator of the heavens and Cosmos is, and the Time that we are living in and within.

There are no weak souls at this time. The ones who will make it IN — and through this rising time, are the ones who were “CHOSEN,” they chose to come.

They chose to come, because they always come at this time.

Grand Mother calls the Spiritual Warriors at this time. Because it is at this time when the ancient wisdom, precious knowledge, and guidance is most needed. This is a task that is not for the weak or faint of heart.

Here are some important tools to remember during these years:

*Your Ancestral Wisdom, Rituals, Ceremonies, and Connection

*Practice and devote a part of your life to lucid dreaming, astral travel, telepathy, quantum physics, astrology and the study of the stars

*Purification of Mind-Turn off all unnecessary noise from the outside.

*Research and connect with your Lineages

*Practices Exercises that clean the mind, heart, ancestral patterns, and “underworlds” of the unconscious

*Keep your vibration as pure and healthy as possible

*Develop a plant based lifestyle

*Get more than enough sunlight

*Stretch often and move energy out of the body

*Cleanse the liver and heart of old wounds

*Sleep well and as needed

*Breath work

*Journal and write down ideas as they come

*Speak your words of creation to nature remembering, the Wind, the Water, the Fire, and the Earth.

*Create daily disciplined habits towards your creations. Do not speak foolishly and/or waste time.

*Keep your eye on the prize, and detach from all the fear

*Remember LOVE in all that you do, first and foremost for yourself

*Be there, without being there. Meaning redefine what it means to “be there for others.”

*There is no time to waste. Remember this

*Keep the music, dancing, and creativity going.

*Get a pet or plant if possible to heighten the vibration

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. This 12/21/2020, spend these 3 days as wisely as possibly focusing only on conception.

What you conceive now will birth in 9 months.

Beyond intention–conceive.

For all who see this and read this, I will see you in the sacred dreams of the Sixth Sun.

Together We Create,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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