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The Great Mystery

Hello Brother’s and Sisters,

“You are not the wave, You are the ocean.”
As I sit and receive the energy on the planet right now, I am feeling an ocean of pain, sorrow, despair, neediness, and crisis. In the distance sirens are ringing, and a sense of emergency is lingering in the air.  Life is turning up the intensity for many people, awakening hearts everywhere, and it’s time for self-love and care. Whether it’s intense heart breaking pain, or light irritation, pain is pain.

This week’s message is dedicated to all those going through it, feeling life, and crying for relief.

Let life be your relief.
Let the Great Mystery take you and transform you.
This week the invitation is to feel life and give Your Pain now to The Great Mystery. 
There is a place where the ocean meets the wave. A very real space within each one of us where pain becomes a blessing. It is life’s greatest awakener. It opens the heart, surrender’s the will, strengthens love, and brings in peace. Pain is meant to be our greatest blessing on this journey.  The relief to pain is to fully feel it, release it, and transform it. Pain should never be avoided, rejected, or unloved. Pain is life’s opportunity for more self-love, care, and community. It brings us closer to our humanity, humility, and walk here on the Mother Ship. It’s the place where miracles happen, where bilss and joy come knocking, and the space where life transforms to the next wave of love.

Pain is meant to be an experience, not a way of life.
When it becomes a way of life, it becomes suffering, and suffering is endless.

Let today, and this message, be the day you say, no more.
I am going to own my pain, and release it to the unknown.
The Great Mystery.
Children are amazing teachers on how to move through pain. When a child is hurt they first feel the pain, then they cry, the cry continues to intensify, and is released. Once released they are back to playing. This is the nature of pain. It is meant to awaken us, be felt to its fullest capacity, and then released. When pain is pushed away, repressed, dismissed, and numbed, it has no where to go. It builds up, builds roots, and becomes our silent partners– pushing the true blessings of life away, and calling in more lessons to feel pain.
Pain is real, it can be chronic, severe, and lead to death and rebirth.
The only remedy to pain is:
Are you willing to give your ALL to the Great Mystery?
Are you willing to not know–to know?
The Great Mystery is exactly that–THE GREAT MYSTERY.
It’s the ego’s worst fear. The Unknown. You don’t know anything. You can’t see it, feel it, or question it. It’s the black hole. It’s the cocoon the caterpillar dares to enter to become the butterfly. It’s the place where control goes to die, and it’s the place where the student becomes the MASTER. It’s the place where pain goes– and transmutes to become joy. The Great Mystery is the place of the North on the Medicine Wheel. It’s the place where the ancestors sit, the place of Grand Mother, and the Great Star Nation. The North is the place the ancients followed. It’s the gateway to the higher dimensions, and to enter you must surrender to her majesty. There is no “how” to this process. There is only surrender.

All of you–for ALL of you.
If you are willing to surrender your pain to The Great Mystery,
You will feel it.
You will FEEL ALL the pain.Every time you feel it,
Thank it.
Thank your pain.
Bless it.
Bless you Pain.
Love it.
I love you pain.
Move Forward
No more pain.

Love and Blessings,
Song Bird Grand Mother

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