The Power of Loving Kindness

















There is an invitation in this moment to breathe in and out the vibration of “loving kindness.”


Doesn’t this energy feel like home?

The feelings of love and peace.

The energy of “home.”


Today’s wisdom speaks of loving kindness.

Not just kindness.

Not just love.

But, loving-kindness.

The space where love meets kindness, and they merge to form wholeness.


Many people are kind.

Everyone can be loving.


But, it is the rare few who can love being kind.


Who can love themselves, even in the face of cruelty.


The person who can love themselves and others, and choose kindness as a way forward.





It may just open the door to a new way of being.

A peaceful and less stressful existence, beyond your “job,” and it may just improve all of our relationships from business to romance.



Imagine a life where you loving-kindness was a part of every aspect of our being.

Our parents,  family, children, pets, finances etc…



Feel into that vibration again.




It’s really beautiful.


Now that you have “felt” into it.


Go deeper into “what is blocking” this vibration from you?


The blocker to loving-kindness can run deep.


But, if you really want to clear the “blocker” and drop into another layer of love, compassion, and kindness, than it’s worth the exploration.



The first place to explore is judgment.

Oh, ouch! Just the vibration of that stings.


Yes, good old fashioned judgment.


What is judgment?


Why is there so much of it?


Judgments are so embedded into the consciousness, it pops up in the strangest places, it keeps us divided against black, white, rich, poor. And, it’s so unconscious at times.


Judgment is a huge loving-kindness blocker.


Huge. It is also a peace, joy, bliss, and happiness blocker.


The biggest problem with judgment is that we are ALWAYS harder on ourselves than others are.


Judgment can be lessoned and cleared. How you do this is by catching it in action. It’s like a cockroach who has been caught in the light.


Catch that cockroach.


And, release that thought.


Begin to replace that “thought” with a loving and kind one.


First catch that judging thought. All the thoughts that are judgmental about yourself, others, the planet.




When you really do this, and you do it consistently over time, you will start to see how most of what we are “trained” to think is a “judgment.” It’s a wild ride to kill those “cockroaches,” and it is a process.


By the end of the process, you will even have love and kindness for the “cockroaches.” You will see them as the beautiful creatures who are merely trying to survive.


They are sacred too, and have every right to live alongside us, in this circle of life.


Loving-kindness is needed now more than ever.

The world is dividing itself, so that it can complete itself.


As more people rise into the vibrations of love, step out of judgment, and explore their inner depth, the vibrations of our collective will transform.


It takes the brave you, to go deep inside this inner well.

To remove all the layers that block you from your pure essence.


You are loving-kindness. As you embrace, love, and step into this knowing, you will find everything shifts. Where there was judgment there will be love. Where there was criticism there will be peace.

Don’t let the judgements of others stop you on your path. For that is also loving-kindness. When someone judges you harshly, step back, and step into loving-kindness.

Criticism and judgment can only effect you when you believe it.


There are so many “blockers” to loving-kindness, but for today, let’s start with judgment.

Clear, focus, and align now to loving-kindness.


This and this alone is a serious “life-changer,”


Love and Blessings,


Song Bird Grand Mother


Are you ready to transform to a new dimension of you?


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