The Rise of Sensitivity

As the global awakening continues in 2020, more and more will be heightening in awareness, purging, releasing, and growing in sensitivity. You never  know how your thoughts, feelings, and actions will “trigger” someone because of this heightened sensitivity. It is a time where people will isolate, become non-trusting, and have to rely on Self and Creator to lead them forward.

This is the time where the mind and heart will feel split for many who are not used to listening to the silent voice within. There is so much noise in the chaos, and the more one attunes to the frequency of news, media, and the constant spin cycle, the more they will become heightened in fear, chaos, and all the emotions that come from that space.

For others, who choose to “turn off, and turn in,” they will find that the days are flowing, and creativity begins to emerge deeper. A sense of “timelessness,” and optimism starts to rise, and new opportunities to be of service begin to bubble up.

This is a time where we will see great division and great unity. For some will hear the call of the “low road,” and others will hear the call for the “high road.”

This time we are living in is all about the frequency we hold. While many will feel as if they are “drowning” and will grasp at any and all avenues of safety or “rescue,” others will begin to feel the gentle breeze of freedom, sovereignty, and taking personal responsibility. They will move with the ever-changing tides, and know that in the midst of the storm, calmness and love is the way forward.

Many will look to the outside to rescue them, and find there is no savior, but self. For those who look outside, will find a long hard road, until they understand the difference between “reaction” and responsibility. Reaction is thoughtless, careless, panicked, and self-serving.

Responsibility is careful, cautious, and is the ability to respond to whatever is presented in the moment. It takes time to cultivate true responsibility. We have been trained to see responsibility as a burden, a chore, or someone eles’ role,

However, at this juncture, we are all asked to step into a greater role of self-responsibility, and care for all beings who live on Mother Earth.

For those who can cultivate responsibility in all her manifestations will find an easier flow. For those who remain in “victimhood,” and blaming will find a much harder road.

There are no easy roads at this time. There is not one person who will not go through the ebbs and flows of this purification and purge. Whether death and disease comes to your front door and passes, or whether it comes in and destroys the whole house, this is a collective process.

It is the time we all came to witness, experience, and live through. No matter your individual beliefs or ways, this journey is not solely individual.

Control is an illusion that helps us stay stuck, and in this time we are asked to release control, illusions of safety, and step into the greater abyss of trust and understanding.

Those who give the least, will receive the least.

Those who give the most, will receive the most.

There is no room for greed, vanity, and selfishness on this journey.

The conditions that created this pandemic are the exact conditions that need deeper reflection, healing, and release.

All the closets, rooms, and foundations are being cleaned and wiped out, and it’s up to each of us to take responsibility to move this boat forward.

We are at the tipping point of The Greatest Shift we have and will experience, the destination is unknown, and the journey will continue to unfold in waves.

Those who will flow, will be those who will give.

Those who will hold on, will be forced to let go.

This is the highest love in action.

The toughest teachers in our lives are always the most transformational.

All of the human conditions we are experiencing are asking us to rise into the greatness deep within.

To give, like our ancestors did.

To love like Mother Earth loves us,

And to hold strong in our values of what it truly means to be a “human being.”

What kind of life we desire, depends solely on the opportunities to love and give we take.

Just a simple smile, wave, card, gift, charity, donation, or phone call can help shift any given situation.

This is the “new normal” we can choose to take this opportunity to heal, go deeper, help one another, and take responsibility, OR we can choose to fall into chaos, despair, and death.

Love is a battlefield. This is a spiritual battle. There is no money, no amount of bargaining, no spell that can stop the purge.

Those with a pure heart will make it through this narrow gate; those will a heavy heart will have to lighten their load.

What can you do to lighten your load?

Remove and clear any and all judgments about the situation, the people involved, and the crisis the world is facing. See through the eyes of love, and continuously remind yourself of all the things you are most grateful for. When this is not possible, continue to focus on non-judgment until you can feel it in your heart.

Turn off the news, social media, and connect to peace and calming the best way you can.

Listen to others, and speak less. Allow others to have their own thoughts, opinions, and perspectives. You do not have to follow them, but allow them to be as they are.

Practice daily self-care and self-love. What makes you feel good? Practice that. Don’t push your way on others. Simply lead by example. Share the knowledge and wisdom you have about how to take care of self.

Give without expecting something in return. Do not give what you are not willing to give, but if you have something to give, give it away. Allow it to be given, without holding on.

If you are receiving and can give, give generously. Do not take and take, without giving. If you have an abundance of money, food, necessities, and others are helping you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, do not take without giving back.

This energy will leave you short changed in the long run. Give to those who are giving. This will balance the energies so the generous of heart will not burn out, and they can continue to give their gifts with ease and grace.

Understand that things are going to continuously change. Do not attach to one way or another. Do not hold people to what they “say,” but rather watch if actions and words are matching. As they say, “actions speak louder than words.”

Do not get caught up in future predications, gloom and doom, fear-based prophecy, and/or unrealistic positive prophecy. Stay in the middle, and connect deeper within to your core, to your truth, and your reality. Everyone is in a different reality, and what one person says, may or may not apply to you.

For some daily survival is going to be more challenging than others. This is where the balance between haves and have-nots will become stark and very clear.

If you are one of the “haves” and you only think of yourself, do not be fooled into thinking you will not be touched by this wave. For whether the wave hits you first, or last, no one will not be touched by this wave.

People will remember who helped, and who harmed. Creator knows all and sees all. So while you may pretend or deny that you are not hoarding, selfish, and uncaring, Creator sees all and will bring to you the exact lessons you need to be humbled. It’s better to decide to give, than be forced to lose.

In this decade, whether it is death or poverty, everyone will be asked to sacrifice something.

This is the purge, and it will not be easy.

Just as riots have happened in the past, where some businesses and people were attacked, others will spared. After the riots the stories that emerged were the businesses and people who were always kind to the neighbors, who gave, were generous, and good to the people rioting were spared. Rioters put signs up that said, “do not touch this business.”  And, those businesses were saved, spared, and supported after the riots.

Your past and present actions determine your future. Be kind, generous, helpful, and positive, no matter the turmoil and you will see that all those fruits will come back in ways unimagined.

However, if you are greedy, unkind, selfish, those fruits are rotten, and the end result for those actions will never be abundant.

Some will listen, most will not.

In this time, each person chooses his or her road.

No one can choose it for them.

Extremes of everything will come up as we balance the scales. There is no one responsible for your life, but you.

There is no one to blame for this time. We all must take responsibility for this dirty house and do our part to clean up humanity, the Earth, and our relationship with the Universe.

What was once the top is now the bottom. The field is leveling, and those who remain humble with grateful will find that the New World presented will bring them much more than the previous world.

It will take time, diligence, patience, constant re-evaluation, self-reflection, and beauty.

We are returning the Ancient.

Silence is the only way forward.

Go forward into the silence, and you shall find all the answers you seek.

Stop listening to the outside, and start listening to the inside.

Love or fear are the only options.

Which do you choose?

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