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The River Runs Deep

Listen to the MP3 of “The River Runs Deep” by Song Bird Grand Mother

The depth of the river knows no bounds.

She flows uninterrupted.

No destination–known,

No destination– unknown.

It is impossible to separate her from the flow.

It is irresponsible to even try.

The river ebbs.

She never hurries.

She connects with all the waters.

She runs as far as she can.

She sings as loud as she wants.

She is replenished by the rains.

Scorches in the heat.

She is endless and vast.

She is the blood of our Mother.

Sacred water.

She is calling for you.

She rejuvenates your bones.

She sanctifies your thirst.

Without her all life dies.

With her all life thrives.

It’s time to return to the waters within.

Still waters, they run deep.

Are you brave enough to flow with the mighty river of life?

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