The Roaring 20’s Decade for the Greatest Heart Opening

Welcome to the door way into the greatest heart opening decade the “roaring 20’s.” As the world shifts and changes, and the perfect vision of 2020 sets in, we see things coming full circle. In this new decade we take the ancient wisdom of the stars, the elders, and our DNA and merge our ancient selves with the changing times. In this fast evolution, we as a collective are asked to stay steady, focus, be realistic, and roll with the punches. This is a time of the Greatest Heart Opening. Taking the lessons of the past, we now move the lessons into the blessings, and level our missions up to the next level. This is the decade where we can choose to see change through the lense of “love,” or “fear.”

Fear restricts, love expands.

Those who choose to see through the lens of love will see expansion. Those who choose fear will see restriction. Where there is restriction there is stagnation. Fear is the energy that brings war, destruction, famine, poverty, and hatred.

Love is the energy that brings family, tradition, creativity, and peace. The energy and frequency that we choose makes all the difference as we co-create and remember the sacred in all things going forward. At this juncture in time, the sacred elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire are the elements that will balance the mind and heart. Through the age of Reason, to the age of enlightenment, we now go into the age of the heart. The age where through death, destruction, war, and fear we emerge more compassionate, more understanding, and more united than ever before.

This is the decade where wisdom will lead the way. The decade where we see the greatest sadness, tragedy, and pain many have ever seen. We will see an “old world” collapsing as the Divine Feminine brings us back into the center of our hearts.

Back to nature, back to family, back to the basics of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

Back to the heart of all matters, and it is only through the Fire do people appreciate Water. It is only through the Wind people appreciate the Earth. When one element is out of balance, the counter is needed to balance and harmonize the energies. There is no sailing without the water and air. There is no skiing without Earth and Air, there is no passion without Fire and Air. Returning to the basics of the elements, the basics of values, the basics of the sacredness is the way to navigate the waves to come. Those who are reading this are the paradigm leaders, the pillars of communities, and the light house where heart healing and heart opening occurs. You are the peace bringers and it is most important for you to be there for those who will come to you, to hold the sacredness of the Earth, and remind others they are part of the Earth not separate from her.

As the 20’s roar, roar with the change. Stay close, higher your frequency, and allow your breath to lead you forward. Flow like the rivers, blow with the wind not against it, keep your feet firmly on the ground, and let the fire burn and purify.

This is the time where the love warriors lead the way. They teach and move through the ignorance. Compassion opens the heart, and kindness is cultivated no matter the storm.

This is the decade for mass change, that leads the way to balance. A world out of balance, is now re-balancing, and our Grand Mother Earth is rising us all up, out of the shadows into the light.

It’s time. Trust that you are prepared.

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