This Summer is on Fire!

The energy is on fire and so are we!

Time to purify all that is NOT YOU!

Welcome to Summer of 2015!

Get your fan ready, as we head into this incredible month of self-realization!

This can be the most amazing summer, if you choose right now to detach, remain faithful, trust completely, and let go of any dead weight in your life.


The artificial parts are all melting and it is powerful. This summer it’s time for self-transformation and global change. This is the next energy surge and the world is on fire! The last few days leading to this fiery Summer Solstice have intensified and we are just getting started.


Many clashes and bangs, transformations, and mis-haps are happening globally as we surge into these new waters. All the broken, damaged, and wounded places are being exposed into the light. Everything that was once hidden is now for all to see.  ALL of the shadow is open for review. Take all your lessons and review them thoroughly. Everything from relationships, money, health, housing, business, life purpose, and death are up for review. Take your lessons and go through them courageously.


Every storm passes. It has a beginning, middle, and end. See your storm out to the end. Ride with courage and honor! Hold your head up and ask for help when needed. Not out of desperation, but out of true need. Ask the Universe when you need something. Pray for what you need with a sincere heart. This is the time for looking IN not OUT. All the answers are inside of you, not outside of you.


The Universe is both loving and merciless. Grand Mother Earth does not discriminate between love and hate. She will use both to express pure unconditional love. Grand Mother always loves you to the fullest with the purest heart; no matter how hard your lessons come, they always come with love. Even if your answer is no, or spins you on your head, take your answer with love. Trust that your life is in flow, and that all will be revealed in due time. Whatever life brings you, take it with an open heart and mind, and allow space for detachment and silence. This is self-mastery and it’s a practice, so keep practicing until you master gentle flow with no attachment.


When light is shown out of dark, there is no hiding. All is exposed for the world to see. Many global events are taking place and the resolution is going through the shadow with self-love and peace. Whatever smudge is on your canvass remove it. Don’t focus on the outer, but remember the inner world is most important during this month. Focus there and all the treasures of the world will appear. Both spiritually and materially, for one doesn’t exist without the other.


Be aware of every thought, emotion, and energy you send into the Universe, because instant manifestation is happening at a rapid speed. It’s only getting started, so keep observing and eliminating the negative thoughts as they emerge.


As you monitor your thoughts and emotions, life will shift dramatically! So, be the observer and be VERY conscious of what comes in and what goes out. Mindfulness is crucial as we head into the coming month and months.


These are tools to help you navigate:

*Practice self-love and be good to yourself

*Meditate daily in the silence

*Get out into nature for a minimum of 20 minutes each day

*Have authentic FUN

*Eat light and snack often

*Drink more water than usual

*Sleep and nap if called too

*Get hot and sweaty-steam room, sauna, pool, working out…

*Turn off electronics before bed

*Keep a dream diary

*Cry fully when crying emerges

*Thoroughly Clean your living and work spaces including walls and floors

*Love your children, families, and pets

*Show appreciation for all that you have

*Give when guided

*Stand in Yes or No

*Preserve your energy and time

*Be a conscious observer of your thoughts and emotions

*Instead of reacting observe and take your time

*Chant, dance, sing, and be active with things you love


*Accept where you are

*Let go of anything draining or unnecessary

*Detach from outcomes

As we go forward, hold your energy high, and be authentic in all your dealings and know that you are fully supported, capable, and ready for this next step in this powerful year of 2015!


Happy Purifying!

Song Bird Grand Mother



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