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Time for a Breakthrough!

During this transformative week of October breakthrough’s are coming. Last week many experienced death and rebirth and patience was necessary as things may have been rapidly changing and shifting. With the last of the eclipses illuminating truth and light this is an important week for letting go and breakthrough’s are coming. Answers to your life’s questions, doubts, and dilemma’s are on the horizon. Everything old is going through a purge and resistance is coming up strong. By mid-week relief is coming so just a few more days until insights and the a’ha you’ve been waiting for!


What are you in fear of right now?
What hold’s you back?
What is hard to let go of?
 These are important questions to ask this week as we go through a powerful week before the rebirth. October 23rd brings with it the new moon and with it new beginnings. Before the new beginning everything old must be let go of and resistance is your new friend. With every great birth there comes fear. It’s part of the process. The spirit let’s go, while the ego holds on. The battle between mind and heart is simply the battle of reconciliation.Reconciliation is the process of uniting your heart and mind. Talk to your mind like a scared child. It may feel strange at first, but your fear’s and doubts are simply your inner child who was programmed to fear life. Once you remove the layers of fear and resistance within your mind, your heart’s courage and strength can shine bright. The obstacles start to melt, and clarity illuminates through you like the sun. Reassure your fears and doubts that they are unfounded and remember your inner truth that lives in your heart.Breakthrough is on the way! Just allow yourself to swim through the uncharted waters to find the truth waiting for you inside!
Until we we meet again!
Song Bird Grand Mother
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“Time for a Breakthrough”
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