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Time to Rise-2017 YEAR of COMPLETION

Hello Fearless Leaders,

Welcome to the “transition of 2017!” By now some of you are feeling the excitement of all that is to come, or are coming down from all the excitement, asking “what now?” I love all the excitement and fire the New Year always brings, and as I connect to the energies now and to come, I can feel 2017 is going to be a get your hands dirty, come together, and rise kind of year!

As someone who was raised with both East and West, I never feel the full transition of the New Year until the first New Moon of the year, or what is typically called “Chinese New Year.” In Asia, the solar new year is pretty quiet, but the lunar new year is met with firecrackers, dragon dances, and ancient food and traditions. If you have yet to experience a true Lunar New Year, I recommend it for your bucket list, or find a celebration near you this year. It’s a great launching into the year of the Roster/Phoenix.

This year the Lunar New Year will meet us on January 28th when we enter into the “Fire Rooster” or what can also be called the year of the”Phoenix.” The Phoenix is the bird who rises from the ashes of the past to become a mighty and powerful being of wisdom.

Are you ready to be the Phoenix and rise?
In the West, we celebrate this year as the year of New Beginnings or in Numerology it adds up to a “1” year. However, in the East this is a 10 year. A year of completion. A year where we take everything we have learned, grew, and operated in our lives for the past 9 years, and we complete/finish our master weavings. 2016 in many ways was an “unraveling year” a year to unravel what no longer serves, re-weave, and re-define who we are and own our power. It was a great year to understand the inner workings of what we want and what we don’t want moving forward. This 2017 is a year to own our power and come together to build greatness.

So in many ways, there will be new beginnings, there will be opportunities to “finish” what we’ve been working on, and as always blessings of love. There is a fire of passion to this year, and the energy will be stop and go if we rush and/or force projects and ideas forward.

The wisdom for this year is, “take your time, act when inspired, and be the turtle not the hare.” For those who have an aggressive push and drive this year may remind you to slow down, observe what direction you are going, and align fully to the wisdom of your heart. Take time to “map out” your course of direction.For those who are “too slow” this year may meet you with a push from the Universe or a fire that lights you up to take action.

However, this year finds you, globally the calling is to “serve your communities and world with love and grace.” The world right now is under a pressure cooker of old and new. We are in the time of great transition and for leaders who are ready to take initiative this is the time of the “Warrior” specifically the “woman warrior.” I will be writing tons more about this over the course of the year. For right now, leaders are needed more than ever. True leadership is not “do as I say.” but rather “do as I do.” Leaders eat last, make sure everyone is fed, and inspire others to take initiative and action. Leaders are warriors who defend and protect the “weakest of the tribe” and give guidance, support, and grace with all they touch. It is a special calling to be a leader/warrior and it is one that is most needed at this important time in our history.

For all the warriors, it is time to stand up, stand together, and move our visions into the world.
This 2017 has a soft beginning and builds fire with time. For many the New Year is a symbol of throwing out the past and starting again, but the invitation for the next few weeks is to allow creation to guide you forward. To take moments of meditation, reflection, and quietness to finish up the old, and visualize the next steps on your epic journey.

What old “accounts” of the past are you ready to close?
What is one project, goal, or intention you have for this year?
What is the first action step to complete what you’ve started?

2017 is the year of the calling. If you know or have a special calling in your heart, it’s time to put boots on the ground, pull up your sleeves, and dive in. If you have yet to know or understand your calling, it’s a great year to explore and adventure into the waters of what sets you on fire. The rooster calls all day. It’s the calling to “wake up” and “rise up” into your fullest potential of love. This is a year where we begin to come together to discuss and create the communities we wish to live in. It is a “grassroots year” where change begins to ripple in our local economies, communities, and gathering spaces. If you have a calling to work with the collective and build things, this is the year to put your leadership, ideas, talents, and services to use in your local areas and/or global platforms.

I look forward to connecting to each one of you and hearing about all the greatness you are creating.

Cheers to a year of owning your power!

Love and blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

If you have a legacy you are creating and are ready to take your vision and roll! I have new sessions and packages to help you get clear, take action, and create your legacy of light!


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