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Time to Trust our Mother Earth

Spirituality was never separate from us 2-legged’s. All people come from people who lived off the land, who sat in ceremonies, lived in community, and cared for one another in balance. 

They lived in harmony. 

Some of our ancestors lived this way hundreds of years ago, some are blessed to still live this way, and many ancestors lived this way thousands of years ago. 

Somewhere deep in the DNA of humanity there are ancient memories of where you come from, where you originated from, and your ancient homelands.

Spaces where creation stories speak of the deep roots within. The understanding of the sacred mountains, waters, and 4-legged’s who were allies and friends. Teachers and ancient temples where ancient stories were told, sacred ceremonies were performed, and community was contained.

For every evil in the world, there is great goodness being done. We live on an Earth who has a heart, a consciousness, who balances, and allows. Mother Earth only loves abundance, she only knows to give. 

Like our precious elderly parents and grand parents, our Grand Mother needs our help. 

She needs us to stand up to our bad brothers, our bad sisters, those who corrupt and bully out of lack of love, and rise into love for ourselves, our Earth, and our ancestors. 

This is our time to rise, to shine, and leave the best legacy for the next generations.

The time has come to return to ceremony.

To return to the Earth.

To appreciate the abundance of our Mother.

As she shifts, so do we.

These are sacred times.

May we each rise to the beauty of the ancient ones, and know that we too are a part of the Great Mystery.

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother 

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