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Unite In Peace

Hello Brother’s and Sisters,

I am starting this message with a blessing of peace and love as our world shakes off the old, and asks us to unite and come back to wholeness. Wherever, however, and whenever this message finds you, may we gather with one heart and send blessings to all those who are suffering right now. Let us send blessings for the freedom fighters, the depressed ones, the anxious ones, the children, the animals, and all those who are living on the planet at this time. Let us especially send blessings to ourselves, our families, communities, and all those we encounter daily.

It takes great courage and love to be true to your heart as everything old collapses…Thank you to each one of you–for your breath of life that makes our planet so unique and beautiful.

If you haven’t done it in awhile, take a deep breath, exhale, smile, and pat yourself on the back. Concentrate on bringing peace into your being more each and everyday. Focus on becoming the resolution to war, and not the spectator or contributor to it.

The answer to fear–PEACE.
The answer to separation is–UNITY.

For if you are reading this, you are a space holder, a healer, a peace maker, and leader. You are someone who before this lifetime said you would: “step up to the plate– to change the world.” Whether you are conscious of this or not, you are someone who is leading the way for a whole New Earth. The Earth Thanks You–and will support you as you open the new doors of creation coming to you. Trust that all is here, weaving a new story and new life. As you step each day more and more confident in your gifts of service, you will begin to see new opportunities flood your way. Your calling will become clearer and clearer as your purpose becomes your sole focus.Now is the time to step into the calling of your heart, and spread your love, peace, and joy like never before. We as a collective are now–in and within– the full breath of 2016 leading us to the new doorways of 2017. What you choose to release now, from your past, will lead you to the next step of becoming your greatest version yet. But, it all begins with conscious choices that bring you closer to your divine truth.

What are some choices you can make to elevate your life?
Here are some questions to ask yourself to gain clarity:

What are you ingesting?

Emotionally? Spiritually? Physically?
Who do you spend the most time with?

Do they fill you with energy or deplete your energy?
What types of foods are you eating?

How much sugar are you consuming?

Do you feel thirsty often?
Does your body feel good with your diet?

Do you feel tired often?
Are you getting out into nature for 30 minutes everyday?

How is your mood if you’re not outside much?
Do you meditate daily? Exercise?

Do you take time to love your body?

How often do you take time ALONE for yourself?

Answer from your heart of all knowing truth. Get honest about where in your life you can support your mind, body, and spirit more. Ask yourself if you are ready to elevate to the next level? If so, what are the choices that will support you going forward? For everything at this time matters. Every choice you make is either supporting your dream or depleting your dream. As we move into the last quarter of 2016, we are being fine tuned and launched into new beginnings. What you choose now, determines the doors that will open, and how fast they will open.

Are you choosing love or fear?
Are you choosing peace or war?
The future you is riding on the present you’s choices.


These are truly monumental times. After the eclipses of September we will see many full circle moments, new collaborations, “aha” moments, and the seeds of harvest. August is going to be our most fiery, passionate, “get it done,” month, and if used properly you will begin to see the truth of why you came to this planet at this time. These are exciting times of radical endings and radical beginnings.

Stay clear, focused, ingest the best things for your mind, body, and spirit,
And be prepared to evolve to the next level of your greatest Self coming to be.

What is your intention/prayer for the month of August?
Set it now, follow your inner guidance, and trust that everything aligns when you surrender to the winds of change.

The message for those reading is to: “Trust that the wave is moving in– and soon it will move out. While it may look like things are seemingly getting worst in the world, there is no need to fret, stress, or get involved with the complexity of the issues. The real invitation at this time is to ask: What is my part in changing the world? Once you have that answer, take action everyday towards that mission, and watch the miracle of life lead the way.”The doors of the “old ways of dying and surviving” are closing, and the new gates of “living and thriving” are opening. Be well-support yourself-spread your love-and remember we are all in this together. World peace is possible. It begins with Self-love and ripples into the consciousness of everything and everyone until all darkness becomes light.

See you in the thriving deep waters of Oneness.

Until we meet again,

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother


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