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Welcome to September! Time to Re-Charge Revelations are Coming

welcome to september

Hello Brother’s and Sisters,

Here we meet just after the turn of September. Here in Sedona we had a marvelous rain storm with thunder and lightning. The refreshing rain reminded me of the new growth and beginnings on the horizon.

September is the time of the harvest. It’s decision time. Many decisions shall be, will be, and need to be made this month. Decisions that will usher in new energies coming in October. Whatever is coming up for you requires a deeper look into what you are ready to transition into…’

Many themes around life purpose, meaning, direction, focus, and concentration are coming up as

Virgo is leading the harvest.

Virgo is she who assimilates information and takes it all in, and then discards the false, the illusions, and the antiquated. She then tosses the torch to Libra who balances the scales and harmonizes all with beauty. Virgo and Libra remind us that we must take time to go inward and process what is working and what is not. Whatever is working and feels in alignment is kept, and whatever is not working and out of alignment we release. This is what it means to take in the harvest. Only the best makes it to the dinner table. Only the best is what is kept for storage.

As with our lives: Only the best is what will come with us into the winter. The best ideas, the best relationships, the best jobs, and the best health.This month remember “only the best” and that is all that shall show up.

We are now in the threshold of waves of new beginnings and clearing house. As the old escapes, it releases with it a fury of sound. Amongst the sound of fury, anguish, and a world in stages of ending all false illusions, the invitation is to stay quiet, go within, and remain focused on well-being. If there is noise, chaos, and sound all around you, take time to refresh into nature. Go outside and smell the fresh air. Even if it’s raining, smell the rain. Dance in the rain. Feel the Earth below your feet. Soak in the waves of a sunrise or sunset. Take those moments to enjoy the ions of nature. She’s the greatest teacher and healer. Our Mother Earth who loves and provides so abundantly.

For those reading this there is a seed of a powerful new beginning inside the core of who you are. As you open this seed, all that you desire awaits you. It is more than you can desire for yourself, and contains the essence of who you are becoming over the next decade(s) to come. The only way to birth this seed is to follow your heart and intuition. Follow the path of least resistance, and open your passions to allow your heart to speak your truth.

The reminder and invitation is to go within, re-charge your batteries, look for inspiration, and call in your new intentions. It’s a good time to reflect, evaluate, and allow what is unveiling itself to you. With noise or distractions it can be harder to hear the soft whispers of intuition. The only way to truly birth what’s coming in October is to get quiet, listen, shed, surrender, and allow the new seeds to burst open. The quieter we become the deeper the revelations. You can begin with asking,

“What makes me happy?”

What habits, people, tasks, and ventures make me happy?

Truly happy.

For many who are ready to receive this gift are on the precipitous of receiving your legacy key.

What is your legacy key?

This is an energetic “medicine” or energy that unlocks and uncovers the veil of your specific mission on planet Earth. This “key” will come in the form of dreams, synchronicities, ideas, “aha” moments, de ja vu, meeting someone who changes your life, new creative waves. Changing or quitting jobs…Look for the “coincidences” they always lead to the Great Mystery. One step leads to the next one. The Mystery Spiral weaves and spins. She always is going up, but as the spiral weaves upward, what is below us seizes to exist. This is why often when we end one stage of life, people leave, we move, beloved’s die, many changes happen to usher in new beginnings. The Great Mystery Spiral ascends our life to a new reality. We literally transport and launch into new lives and new beginnings. This is a form of “time traveling” in our reality. One timeline collapses– and another one begins. One opportunity closes and another one opens.

Welcome to powerful September!

We are in the portal of change, transition, flaming out what no longer serves, and preparing for a new cycle of new beginnings. This is a month filled with cosmic energy pushing us inward to focus on the new coming into fruition and the harvest ready to be reaped. For after every storm there is a rainbow.This month the invitation is to go within.

Ask yourself where you see yourself in 10 years?

What is inside your heart to gift to this Earth?

What legacy of light are you going to gift the Earth that shall remain hundreds if not thousands of years after your body transitions? What key would you like to leave for the next generations?

With all beginnings there is transition–transition is grace saying, “I’ve got you…” In a world in transition, let us sing in the rain, dance in the flood, and share goodness whenever we can.

Cheers to September!

May you be met with kindness and love.

Until we meet again,

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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