Welcome to Your New Beginning! Solstice 2017!

Welcome to the Light and Dark of Solstice!

Here we go into our second half, and turning point of 2017! What a powerful, fiery, and life changing year we are in, and now it’s time to usher in the new GOOD things coming!

Now is a good time to take stock of where you have been this year, the lessons, the blessings, and the many gifts that have been blessed. No matter how this email finds you today, know that you are cared for, loved, and there is purpose and meaning to all that you have experienced up until now.

A new moon is rising, amplifying this energy of the greatest light and dark– blessing our planet. This new moon is encouraging us, loving us, and evolving us to find greater strength, greater love, greater awareness, and greater hope for ourselves and our world.

Hold onto the light within, and consult with the light when making your decisions. The shadows may call you from the past, but call upon the sacred fire within to burn those old thoughts, emotions, and “wastes of time.” The turning point is about finding peace, reconciliation, and igniting the fire to burn forward with grace and ease.

You may notice during this time, discomfort, illness, purification, sweating, imbalance, challenges, struggles, or emotional dis-ease. If you are feeling the “Solstice burn,” go deeper within. Take this time to evaluate your life and year, and ask, what is this dis-ease here to teach you.

Where are leaking too much energy, and/or not generating enough? 

Could be you need a boost in your meditation practice, yoga, nature, better eating, and/or exercise? The only way to know is to ask your mind, body, and spirit, what it needs at this time.

The body will tell you how it’s feeling. After eating how does your body feel when you eat the food you’ve been eating? Pay attention, take notice. If the food you are eating feels good 24 hours after eating and
energizes you, stabilizes your emotions, than your body will thank you. You will feel great! However, if the food tastes good going in, and feels not so good coming out, and/or drains you, your body is speaking.

Are you listening?

If your mind is in overdrive thinking and your stressed with worries, doubts, and problems, your mind is saying, it’s time to meditate.
This is Yin or Feminine Energy. It may be time to stop and receive. Take a break, listen to good music, sit under a tree. Relax.

If your Spirit is restless and saying, “I’m bored, and in need of something new.” Honor your Spirit and follow your intuition to find those new things and adventures that will bring you JOY and Satisfaction!

Listening and honoring our Mind, Bodies, and Spirit are the keys to a successful turning point. To turn from the light to the dark, or dark to the light requires inward evaluation, contemplation, reflection, and an open mind to listen.

Solstice is the bridge between the Yin and Yang, the Feminine and Masculine, the doing and receiving, the light and dark. This is where the Raven calls out to us to remember BALANCE in all things.

When life is out of balance, everything is out of harmony. You may notice that when you are out of balance, everything is hard, difficult, and/or avoided.

Life becomes challenging when we are out of balance and harmony.

A good place to see if you are “out of balance” is to honestly evaluate: Where have I been giving too much? AND/OR Where have I been receiving too much?

When we “do” too much, our intuition cries for silence. The “YIN” or Feminine within us cries for us to just receive and be.

When we “Receive” too much, the inner “YANG” or Masculine energy within, cries for us to “DO.”  To move, to act, to sweat, and to build.

Happiness is balance.

Balance comes from the light and dark, the Yin and Yang, and the wisdom to know,

When to Yin and when to Yang.

Happy New Beginnings!

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother


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