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When the Apple Tree shakes…the Law of Rhythm

Have you ever had your “Apple Tree Shook?”

Those times when you are heading in one direction, and then life takes a different direction, and you’re left with a different out come or result?

This is what I call, “Grand Mother, Shaking the Apple Tree.”

Often in life we have big goals, expectations, hopes, dreams, and/or ideas, but the Universe in all her glory says, “hmmm….let me see how strong this tree is?”

So, She shakes the Apple Tree. Through, wind, fire, sleet, rain, and all her powers, she shakes the environment around the Apple tree to test the fruits.

The Apple Tree is a tree  of wisdom, truth, beauty, and strength. The “rotten” or “weak” apples drop, to become food (experience), and the strong ones stand still and continue to ripen.


In business,

A great idea, flops. A connection goes South, clients drop off, this is a natural cycle of life. It is the “law of rhythm.”

A love, a relationship goes from hot to cold.

The law of rhythm states that “what goes up, must come down.”

This is how cycles move. When you’re high, know that you’re low will come. This is how energy circulates.

What can you do?

Move with the “rhythms.” When you are high in love, ride the wave, and prepare for the slow down. Slow down your relationship with your thoughts, actions, and intentions. When relationships start off fast, hot, heavy, and high, there is going to be a bigger down wave.

This is how it works.

So, work with this rhythm, and slow it down. You can’t control the outer world, but you can control your inner will.

Through consciousness.

We live in a world of “polarity” and waves. Life has ebbs and flows. When life is high, prepare, and plan for the low.

When business is good, save, prepare, and invest for slower times. When you go bigger, the apple tree shakes more. What changes is your ability to stand strong no matter the storms.

The way to navigate through “Apple Tree Shakes” is to meet the challenge. Don’t attach to the outcome, listen, follow, and bend to the energies that move in and through you.

The bigger the leaps of faith, the bigger the challenges, and actions required to meet them. The Apple Shaking is a really good way to strengthen, fortify, and learn how to be the best “Apple Tree” you can become.

To shine with love, beauty, truth, and courage, requires many shakings, many challenges, many blessings, and many opportunities to shine and serve the world.

The road to peace requires aligning the mind and the heart in all that you do.

When you move through your life listening to the inner callings, and the outer signs, peace is always there. Apple tree shakings, are blessings. They are teachings on this medicine path of life.

To become a wise sage, we must sit through the shakings of the “Great Mother,” and take her medicine to learn and grow.

For all those on the medicine path, use the “law of rhythm” to your benefit. Go inward, when the outward shakes, and use that power and strength to create with the “rhythms” and flow to the next bigger levels with confidence, courage, and laughter.

The apples that remain, are the best, sweetest, and ripest. Those apples are the apples of legends.

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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  1. Connie Connie

    Beautiful message Songbird!
    I feel Grandmother is shaking my Apple Tree BIG TIME!
    She recently REALIZED
    “IAM Who I’ve been waiting for”
    …throughout all my lifetimes!
    This has changed EVERYTHING!!!
    MY Apple Tree has been shaken to the core!
    I Love your timely confirmation from Grandmother. It sums everthing up!

    Thankyou soooo much Songbird Grandmother!

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