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I AM Lotus


I AM Lotus

I am the soft petal of a lotus, a flower growing out of the swamp of the void becoming the seed of humanity.

I am a space holder of the ages, here to bring back the beauty of a new dawn and time.

I AM the lotus. White and pure, strong and vulnerable, fragrant and wise.

I AM a peace keeper, loving and firm, sweet and unwavering.

I AM the essence of all life, and from me I birth new creativity and joy in life.

I AM like the hummingbird flying around careless and free, spreading my sweet nectar into this life around me.

I AM the love within and the love without. A gentle and sweet reminder to live in the now.

I AM the truth of life. I bring forth and call in the energies of truth and justice. I allow both to exist and where there is non-truth, I blow open the door.

I AM here to shine, to bring light into the dark, and to rebalance justice in a stone cold world.

I AM light, I AM grace, I am Goddess. I AM. Beautiful. Truth. Love. Grace. Beauty.


With much love and gratitude,

Song Bird Grand Mother




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